What is a datafile?

A datafile is a collection of data, often called a "dataset." In general, each datafile will follow a particular format. This is to help with uniformity throughout the library. The format is provided below:

Data format:

The datafile subjects are linked to the folder that contains all of the datafiles with that same subject. Additionally, each story name is linked to a file that contains that story about the data. This provides a quick avenue to and from the stories. Also, that story will have a link back to the particular datafile.

Each datafile has a reference and comments on how a particular dataset may be used. For example, some data may be used freely whereas other datafiles may be available except for use in textbooks.

Finally, the datafile will have a brief description of the data collection process and/or why the data was collected (the particular study). The variable names and data are then provided.

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