Department of Statistics Unitmark
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Following is a list of students who received their Ph.D. degree from the department between 1991 and 2014, and where they are currently employed.


Classification Via Auxiliary Information, Beatriz Estefania Etchegaray; IBM Research Postdoc

A Spectral Series Approach to High-Dimensional Nonparametric Inference, Rafael Izbicki; Assistant Professor, Dept of Statistics, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

Level Set Trees for Applied Statistics, Brian Kent; Dato

Local Log-Linear Models for Capture-Recapture, Zachary Kurtz; Marketing Data Scientist,

Statistical Multi-coil MRI Reconstruction, Jionglin Liu; PNC Quantitative Analyst

The Efficacy of the Hedges Correction for Unmodeled Clustering, and Its Generalizations in Practical Settings, Nathan VanHoudnos; Postdoc, Northwestern University

Toward a Processing Pipeline for Two-Photon Calcium Imaging of Neural Populations, Bronwyn Woods; Software Engineering Institute, CMU

A New Parametric Model for the Point Spread Function (PSF) and Its Application to Hubble Space Telescope Data, Lubov Zeifman; University of Alaska

Statistically and computationally efficient inference from multi-neuron spike trains, Sonia Todorova; Google, New York

Spectral-HCT Approach for Clustering Problems in High Dimensional Data, Wanjie Wang; Post Doc, University of Pennsylvania


Mixed Membership Distributions with Applications to Modeling Multiple Strategy Usage, April Galyardt; Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Learning Spatio-Temporal Dynamics: Nonparametric Methods for Optimal Forecasting and Automated Pattern Discovery, Georg Matthias Goerg; Google, NY

New Statistical Applications for Differential Privacy, Robert Hall; Etsy

Comparing Data Sources in High Dimensions, Di Liu; Google, NY

Incorporating Learning Over Time into the Cognitive Assessment Framework, Cassandra Studer; WeddingWire

Statistical Network Models for Replications and Experimental Interventions, Tracy Morrison Sweet; Assistant Professor; University of Maryland


High-Dimensional Adaptive Basis Density Estimation, Susan Buchman; Alcoa

Creation and Analysis of Differentially-Private Synthetic Datasets, Anne-Sophie Charest; Université Laval, Quebec, Canada

Using Dimension Reduction Techniques to Model Genetic Relatedness for Association Studies, Andrew Crossett; West Chester University

Clustering Trajectories in the Presence of Informative Monotone Missingness, Gabrielle Flynt; Assistant Professor, Bucknell University

Sequential Estimation and Detection in Statistical Inverse Problems, Darren Homrighausen; Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

Techniques for the Estimation and Prediction of Surface Segregation Occurring in Alloys, Gary Klein; SAS Institute

Generalization Error Bounds for State-Space Models, Daniel McDonald; Assistant Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington

Structured Sparsity, Daniel Percival; Google, New York

Behavioral Modeling of Botnet Populations Viewed Through Internet Protocol Address Space, Rhiannon Weaver; Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University


Longitudinal Mixed Membership Models with Applications to Disability Survey Data, Daniel Manrique; Post-doc, Duke University

Fast and Accurate Estimation for Astrophysical Problems in Large Databases, Joey Richards; Center for Time Domain Informatics, University of California, Berkeley

A Model of Limit-order Book Dynamics and a Consistent Estimation Procedure, Linqiao Zhao; PNC Bank

Detection of Bursts in Neuronal Spike Trains Using Hidden Semi-Markov Point Process Models, Judy Xi; PNC Bank


Nonparametric Learning in High Dimensions, Han Liu; Assistant Professor, Princeton University

NPredicting Performance and Scaling Up Estimates of Student Skill Knowledge, Elizabeth Ayers; Post-doc, University of California, Berkeley

Adaptive Source Detection, David Friedenberg; Batelle Institute

Cues and Heuristics on Capitol Hill: Relational Models of Decision-Making in the U.S. Senate, Justin Gross; Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

System-Oriented Characterization of the Human Visual System, Eric Huang; Biometric Research Branch, National Cancer Institute


Nonparametric Time Series Analysis Using Gaussian Processes, Sotirios Damouras; post doctoral fellow, Bloorview Research Institute

Genetic Matching by Ancestry in Genome-Wide Association Studies, Diana Luca; Genentech Inc.

Long-Memory Stochastic Volitility Models: A New Method for Inference and Applications in Option Pricing, Libo Xie; Jump Tracing, LLC

Markov Models for Neuronal Spike Trains, Jeff Liebner; Professor, Lafayette College

Elicitation of Expert Knowledge of Phylogenies in the Form of Rooted Trees, Xiting Yang; U.S. Food and Drug Administration


To Weight or Not To Weight? Incorporating Sampling Designs into Model-Based Analyses, (supplemental material), Marianne (Marnie) Bertolet; Assistant Professor, Epidemiology Data Center, University of Pittsburgh.

Modeling Measurement Error When Using Cognitive Test Scores in Social Science Research,(supplemental material), Lynne Steuerle Schofield; Associate Professor, Swarthmore College.


Derivative Pricing Under Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models with Application to Equity Options, Mihaela Serban; Morgan Stanley.

Nonparametric Multimodal and Mixture Regression, Alex Rojas; CMU (Qatar).


Developing Models to Reveal Brain Activation in Massive Neuroimaging Datasets, Kary Myers; Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Modeling Default Times -- An Intensity Model, Aurora Baohong Bi; Merrill Lynch.

Spot Detection in Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Images, Jeffrey Miecznikowski; Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo.

Estimation of Images and Sensitivities for Parallel MRI, Mingyu Cao; Bank of America.

Covariance Tapering for Likelihood Based Estimation in Large Spatial Datasets, Cari Kaufman; Assistant Professor, , University of Berkeley.

Combining Information from Diverse Sources, Eloise Kaizar; Assistant Professor, Ohio State University.

Multivariate Mixture Models to Describe Longitudinal Patterns of Frailty in American Seniors, Jason Connor; Berry Consultants.


Two Methods to Automatically Detect Traffic Volume Anomalies, Michelle Dunn: National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute.

Point Process Models for Neuronal Spike Train Data, Can Cai; Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Valuation Methods for American Derivatives in a Stochastic Volatility Framework, Ricky Rambharat; Duke University, Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences.

Posterior Consistency in Nonparametric Regression Problems Under Gaussian Process Priors, Taeryon Choi; University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Analysis of Multiple Curves and Multiple Peaks with Applications to Molecular Biology, Nicoleta Serban; Georgia Tech, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Bayesian Decision Making With Application to a Clinical Trial, Manuela Buzoianu; Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC.

On Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Contingency Tables, Alessandro Rinaldo; Carnegie Mellon University.

Efficient Biometric Authentication Based on Statistical Models, Sinjini Mitra, Information Sciences institute, University of Southern California.

Model-Based Variable Clustering with Application to Neurophysiology, Liuxia Wang; Sentrana Inc.

The False Discovery Rate Procedure in the Presence of Biased Null P-Values, Hoa Nguyen; Alza Corp.


A Two-Stage Method for Approximate Spatial Inferces By Combining Site-Specific Analyses, Fang Chen; SAS Institute.

Hierarchical Spatial Models and Monte Carlo Analysis of Mine Locations in Robotic Land-Mine Search, Yangang Zhang; PPD, Inc.

Statistical Inference in Mapping and Localization for Mobile Robots, Anita Araneda; Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Statistical Disclosure Limitation Beyond the Margins, Aleksandra Slavkovic; Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University.


Racial and Gender Wage Disparities Among the Highly Educated, Amelia Haviland; Professor, Carnegie Mellon University.

Decision Models for Data Disclosure Limitation, Mario Trottini; University of Alicante, Spain.

Nonparametric Density Estimation and Clustering with Application to Cosmology, Woncheol Jang.

Nonstationary Gaussian Processes for Regression and Spatial Modelling, Chris Paciorek; Harvard School of Public Health.

Identification of Mutations Affecting Liability to Complex Disease By the Analysis of Haplotypes, Jung-Ying Tzeng, North Carolina State University.

The Generalized Lambda Distribution Applied to Spot Exchange Rates, Philip Lee, Deutsche Bank.

Bayesian Multiple Curve Fitting in the Analysis of Neuronal Data, Sam Behseta, California State University at Bakersfield.


Exploring Racial and Geographical Effects in the Decision to Seek the Federal Death Penalty, 1995-2000, David J. Algranati; Simmons Market Research Bureau.

Grade of Membership and Latent Structure Models with Application to Disability Survey Data, Elena A. Erosheva; University of Washington.

Bayesian Semiparametric Inference for Statistical Models Using Mixtures, Roberto Carta; M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Information Accumulation, Model Selection and Rater Behavior in Constructed Response Student Assessments, Louis T. Mariano; Rand Corporation.

Statistical Methods for Discovering Disease Susceptibility Genes in Human Populations, Xiaohua Zhang; Merck Research Laboratories.

Pricing of Generalized American Options with Applications to Energy Derivatives, Cristian S. Ghiuvea; Zurich Capital Markets.


Statistical Models for Classification and Discrimination, with Application to Classifying Web Documents, Stella M. Salvatierra; University of Navarra.

Statistical Tools for Disclosure Limitation in Multi-Way Contingency Tables, Adrian Dobra; National Institute of Statistical Sciences.

Approximate Robust Bayesian Inference with Applications to Sample Size Calculation, Iuliana Ianus; Merck Research Laboratories.

Bayesian Inference for Discretely Sampled Diffusion Processes with Financial Applications, Michele DiPietro; Carnegie Mellon University.

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Real-Time Queueing Networks, Shu-Ngai Yeung; AT&T Laboratories.

A Model-based Bayesian Fault Diagnostic System With Applications to Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes, Feng Tang; Cendant.

Spatiotemporal Modeling of Positron Emission Tomography, Thomas Nichols; University of Michigan.

Bayesian Curve Fitting Using Free-Knot Splines, Ilaria DiMatteo; United Nations.

Parametric and Non-parametric Extensions to Unfolding Response Models, Matt Johnson; Educational Testing Service.

Estimating Joint Distributions of Contaminants in U.S. Community Water System Sources, J.R. Lockwood; Rand Corporation.

Convergence Rates for Posterior Distributions, Tzee-Ming Huang; Iowa State University.

Analyzing Longitudinal Data with Mixture Models: A Trajectory Approach, Bob Jones; University of Pittsburgh.


The Juvenile Homicide Epidemic: Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Homicide in American Cities, Dan Cork; Committee on National Statistics.

Treatment Integrity Concerns in Comparative Education Studies, Alix I. Gitleman; Oregon State University.

Hidden Stochastic Models for Biological Rhythm Data, Howard Seltman; Carnegie Mellon University.


Estimating a Shape-restricted Function via Continuous Stochastic Process Model, Xu Fan; AlphaMetrics.

Model Selection and Model Averaging for Neural Networks, Herbie Lee III; Duke University.

Model Sensitivity in Research on Welfare and Fertility, Terra McKinnish; University of Colorado, Boulder.


An Approach for Selection of Nonparametric Regression Methods, Ashish Sanil; National Institute of Statistical Sciences.


Bayesian Design of Experiments for the Linear Model, Isabella Verdinelli; Carnegie Mellon University.

Statistical Top-Down Strategies in Genomics, Christopher Alve Andrews; University of California, Berkeley.

Fitting the Heat Transfer Equation to Temperature Data, Kensuke Shirakawa; Battelle Memorial Institute.


Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Item Response Theory Models With Applications for NAEP, Richard John Patz; CTB/McGraw-Hill.

The Schwarz Criterion For Mixed Effects Models, Donna Kay Pauler; University College London.

Nonparametric Bayesian Methods for Evaluating Fit in Hierarchical Models, Kert Viele; University of Kentucky.


An Examination of Belief Functions and Other Monotone Capacities,Paul Black; Neptune and Company.

Registration and Estimation of Functional Magnetic Resonance Images,Mark Fitzgerald; Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Probabilistic Analysis of Association Reversal Phenomena, Petros I. Hadjicostas; University of Cyprus.

On Order Selections of Continuous Autoregressive Processes, Tao Jiang.

State Space Modeling of Long-Memory Processes, Wilfredo Palma; Twin Capital Management, Inc.

Elicitation of Priors and Utilities for Bayesian Analysis, Lara J. Wolfson; University of Waterloo.


Discrete Search and Rescue for an Intelligent Object, Scott Berry; Texas A&M University.

Bayesian Tests of Extra-Binomial Variability With Emphasis on the Boundary Case, Chushing Kate Hsiao; National Taiwan University.

Predicting a Space-Time Process From Aggregate Data Exemplified by the Animation of Mumps Disease, Audris Mockus; Bell Laboratories.

Bayesian Analysis of Finite Mixture Distibutions, Agostino Nobile; University of Bristol, Briston, U.K.

Interactive Navigation for Local Viewing in Multivariate Datasets, Shingo Oue; Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan.

Issues in Combining Information: Hierarchical Models, Selection Models,and Unobserved Data, Nancy Paul Silliman; U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Monitoring a Multi-Stage Sequential Manufacturing Process: A Bayesian Approach, Suraj Rao; Texas Instruments Inc.


A Bayesian Approach to Measuring the Size of HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Yu-Chiao Chang; Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Experimental Studies by Distinct Designer and Estimators, Madhumita Lodh; Milliman and Robertson.

Covariance Structures of Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials, Matthew R. Marlar; Fison Corporation.

An Asymptotic Analysis of the Number of Comparisons in Multipartition Quicksort, Kok-Hooi Tan; Intel Corporation.

Incorporating Retrials into Models of Circuit Switched Networks, Glen Takahara; Queens University.

Local Sensitivity of Posterior Expectations, Paul Gustafson; University of British Columbia.


Laplace Approximations for Posterior Expectations and Marginal Densities when the Mode is on the Boundary of the Parameter Space, Alaattin Erkanli; Duke University.

Two Algorithms for Simultaneous Image Restoration and Segmentation, Thomas H. Short; Villanova University.

Reparameterization of Statistical Models, Elizabeth H. Slate; Cornell University.

Modeling Hetrogeneity in Multi-Center Clinical Trials Using Bayesian Hierarchical Survival Models, Dalene Stangl; Duke University.

Stochastic Control of Sequential Manufacturing Processes, Suresh K. Vaidyanathan; City Bank, Madras, India.


Two Classes of Non-Linear Time Series Models, Rong Chen; Texas A&M University.

Capture-Recapture Census with Uncertain Matching, Ye Ding; Wadsworth Centers for Laboratories & Research.

Bayesian Group-Sequential Sampling with Application to Tax Auditing, Ruth Douglas Etzioni; Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Optimal Scheduling of Inspections with an Application to Medical Screening Tests, Giovanni Parmigiani; Duke University.

Iterated Function Systems and the Propagation of Rounding Errors, Mario Peruggia; Ohio State University.

Topics in Team Decision Theory, Lian Wang; Massachusetts Institute of Technology.