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Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department and Faculty

The Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University is world renowned for its contributions to statistical theory and practice. Research in the department runs the gamut from pure mathematics to the hottest frontiers of science. Current research projects are helping make fundamental advances in neuroscience, cosmology, seismology, finance, and genetics.

The faculty are recognized around the world for their expertise and have garnered many prestigious awards and honors. (For example, three members of the faculty have been awarded the COPPS medal, the highest honor given by professional statistical societies.) At the same time, the faculty is firmly dedicated to undergraduate education. The entire faculty, junior and senior, teaches courses at all levels, including the introductory courses. The faculty are accessible and are committed to involving undergraduates in research.

The Department augments all these strengths with a friendly, energetic working environment and exceptional computing resources. Talented graduate students join the department from around the world, and add a unique dimension to the department's intellectual life. Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates interact regularly.