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How To Apply To The MSP Program

Application Checklist for Master's of Statistical Practice

Application Form

Applicants can apply for the MSP program using the online application. Applications for Fall 2018 open November 15, 2017 and close February 1, 2018. We expect to make final decisions by April 23, 2018.
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Application Fee

The application fee for the MSP program is $30. Application fees can be paid by credit card using the online application. In addition, application fees paid by check (made payable to Carnegie Mellon University) can be mailed to the MSP admissions office. As an absolute last resort, we will accept cash.

Prerequisites for the Program

  • Two semesters of calculus based probability and mathematical statistics
  • Topics should include: random variables, distribution functions, joint and conditional distributions, functions of random variables & their probability distributions; maximum likelihood estimation, properties of estimators, hypothesis testing, interval estimation.

    Typical Textbook: Mathematical Statistics with Applications - Wackerly, et al., or equivalent

    CMU classes are: 36-225 and 36-226

  • One course in linear regression analysis
  • Topics should include: exploratory data analysis, linear regression models, validation and interpretation of models

    Typical Textbook: Applied Linear Regression Models - Kutner, et al., or equivalent. A strong Econometrics course is also accepted.

    CMU classes are: 36-401

  • One course in matrix algebra

Transcript(s) from all previously attended universities

Applicants must submit transcripts from both undergraduate institutions and any previous graduate work. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program that you have not completed at the time you submit your application, please submit your current transcript. Official transcripts will only be required if you are admitted to the program.

TOEFL score reports

All non-native English speakers are required to submit valid TOEFL scores regardless of undergraduate institution or time spent in the US. A desirable total TOEFL score is 100 or higher. Speaking TOEFL scores should be at least 20.

Institution Code: 2074

Department Code: 59

If you have attended an undergraduate institution in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, or Australia we will accept an unofficial copy of your expired TOEFL scores. IELTS is an acceptable substitute for the TOEFL. Applications without a current or expired TOEFL (or IELTS) will not be considered. If you submit an expired TOEFL, documentation of your current English language fluency is required, for example, comments about your English language fluency discussed in a letter of recommendation from a Professor or from an ESL instructor.

GRE score report

Applicants for the MSP program from any College or University other than CMU must take the GRE general test and submit official scores. For the score report to be official, it must be sent directly to CMU by ETS.

Institution Code: 2074

Department Code: 0705


Statement of purpose

Letters of recommendation (3)

Please submit three letters of recommendation, at least two of which should be faculty recommendations.

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