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The Statistics Department is located in 132 Baker Hall on the Carnegie Mellon campus.

You can reach us by phone at (412) 268-2717 and by fax at (412) 268-7828.

Our mailing address is

Department of Statistics
Baker Hall
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

The contacts below can guide you to the help you need. Samantha Nielsen is the point of contact for advising questions. To schedule a meeting with Samantha, please click here.

Department Head
Christopher Genovese

Professor Genovese's research focuses on complex and high-dimensional statistical problems in the sciences, including neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and cosmology. He enjoys getting “in the trenches” of scientific applications. He also works on theoretical questions related to inference for functions and other infinite-dimensional objects, with a recent emphasis on finding low-dimensional structures in data, and he has a strong interest in computational methods and theory. When he's not working at his computer or in meetings, he's been known to escape into the wilderness.
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Undergraduate Co-Director
Rebecca Nugent

Don't mess with Texas! Professor Nugent's research focuses on finding clusters (similar groups) in high-dimensional data and on analyzing text (e.g., web pages, documents) and record (e.g., census) data. She is an award-winning and innovative instructor. Besides running the Undergraduate Statistics Program, Professor Nugent is also the faculty advisor for the Economics and Statistics joint major.
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Undergraduate Co-Director
Howard Seltman

The doctor is in! Professor Seltman worked for fifteen years as a clinical pathologist before becoming a statistician. His research focuses on the modeling and analysis of psychiatric, medical, and genetic data and on building methods to combine results across different studies. He is an outstanding instructor and advisor who always goes the extra mile for his students. Besides running the Undergraduate Statistics Program, Professor Seltman is the faculty advisor for the core Statistics major.
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Academic Advisor
Samantha Nielsen

The go-to person for your questions! As Academic Advisor, Ms. Nielsen is the point of contact for advising questions. She knows the system inside and out, and she can help you find answers, solve your problems, and connect you with an appropriate faculty advisor. In addition to her advising role, she is also the Department's Academic Coordinator, responsible for many aspects of our undergraduate program.
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Faculty Advisor for
Statistics & Machine Learning
Ryan Tibshirani

Professor Tibshirani's research focuses on statistical inference for high-dimensional data. This deals with the challenges of large, modern data sets where each data point is a high-dimensional object, such as an image or document (high-dimensional vector), a curve (function in some infinite-dimensional class), or a snapshot of a network (graph with potentially very many nodes and edges). He has recently solved two significant open problems in this area. His work lies at the boundary between Statistics and Machine Learning, and he brings substantial experience to his role as advisor for this joint major.
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Faculty Advisor for
Statistics and Neuroscience
Valerie Ventura

Professor Ventura's research focuses on statistical problems in cognitive neuroscience. She often works with data that directly measures neuronal activity, and she is interested in methods of “decoding” such spike-train data to reconstruct the stimulus and understand the information that can be extracted about brain systems. She has made several fundamental advances in this area, including work on neural prosthetics. Her experience in this area makes her ideally suited to serve as advisor for this track.
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Faculty Advisor for Mathematical Statistics
Cosma Shalizi

Professor Shalizi is widely known for his eclectic interests, his popular blog, and his legendary book reviews. His research focuses on dynamical systems (and their statistical implications), networks (social and otherwise), and fundamental statistical theory. He applies his work to problems in a wide variety of areas, including sociology, physics, and neuroscience.
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Faculty Advisor for
Joel Greenhouse

Anchoring our advising lineup is one of the early leaders in modernizing Statistics education. Professor Greenhouse's research focuses on statistical problems in psychiatry and epidemiology, clinical trials and meta-analysis, and the design and analysis observational studies. He is an award-winning instructor and tireless advisor, and he created our trend-setting introductory statistics sequence. In addition to his role as Statistics Advisor, Professor Greenhouse also works with additional Statistics majors and runs the Masters in Statistical Practice program in the Department.
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