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Statistics Core

Our core major builds a strong foundation in methods, theory, computation, and practice. We emphasize modern methods, strong communication skills, and hands-on experience analyzing real data. This is an ideal choice for any student interested in statistical thinking and data science and is tremendous preparation for a career that requires data skills.

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Statistics and Machine Learning

This joint major develops the critical ideas and skills underlying statistical machine learning — the creation and study of algorithms that enable systems to automatically learn and improve with experience. It is ideal for students interested in statistical computation, data science, or “Big Data” problems, including those planning to pursue a related Ph.D. or a job in the tech industry.

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Economics and Statistics

This joint major focuses on the skills needed to apply statistical modeling and methodology to the empirical analysis of economic data. It is ideal for students who plan to pursue an advanced degree in statistics, economics, or management or a career in government, industry, finance, education, or public policy.

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This track focuses on the fundamental mathematical theory underlying statistical inference and prediction. It is ideal for students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Statistics, an advanced degree in a related field requiring strong mathematical preparation, or a career in which a strong background in statistical theory is valuable.

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Statistics and Neuroscience

New technologies for measuring the brain are revolutionizing our understanding of the brain, and the revolution is data-driven. This track focuses on the statistical problems in neuroscience, including neural data analysis and neuroimaging. It is ideal for students interested in data science with an emphasis on brain and behavior or in neuroscience with an emphasis on data analysis.

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The Statistics Department
What we do.

Statisticians use data to solve problems, all kinds of problems. We devise methods for analyzing data and quantifying uncertainty. We build mathematical models for interpreting the results and understanding what conclusions we can draw. And we work to clearly communicate those results, with words and graphics, so that practitioners in other fields can make the best use of their data.

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How we can help you.

Statistics is a fundamentally interdisciplinary field with broad reach and application. The Statistics Department wants to help our students explore related fields in depth, which we believe will benefit them throughout their careers.

We have developed majors and tracks to add even more flexibility to our program. Our goal is to help our students better advertise their skills and match them to the right job and to give them better preparation for specific career trajectories (graduate school, industry, government).