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Howard Seltman

I received my BA in Biology from Oberlin College in 1975, my MD from Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1979, and my PhD in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999. I worked as a clinical pathologist at the Medical School of the University of Pittsburgh from 1979-1989, and at Eastern Virginia Medical School from 1989-1994.

I am currently a senior research statistician in the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University. I hope that I am able to use my experiences as a working scientist to better understand the difficulties of learning how to apply statistical techniques in the real world. One of my key goals is to help bridge the gap between statisticians and users of statistics.

Lab Groups

Specific Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of medicine and statistics. My current research interests include longitudinal and Bayesian modeling as applied to Psychiatry. I have developed the R package "rube" to aid in developing and applying complex models for jags or WinBUGS. I am using this to develop dual trajectory models for cognition and psychosis in Alzheimer's disease working the Rob Sweets research group and the University of Pittsburgh ( Other research interests include combining information from different types of studies; use of haplotypes in genetic analysis; and analysis of spoken words from focus groups.

I received my MD from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1979 and worked as a Clinical Pathologist until 1995. I received my PhD in Statistics from CMU in 1999, and have been on the faculty here since then, combining my interests in medicine and statistics.