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Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Max G'Sell

I completed my B.S. in Physics and Applied Math, California Institute of Technology, in 2009. I recently completed my Ph.D in Statistics under Robert Tibshirani at Stanford University in 2014. I currently am an associate professor in Carnegie Mellon's Department of Statistics. In addition to statistics, I am interested in computer science, programming, and robotics. I enjoy reading, cooking, and woodworking, and I am slowly trying to learn to sketch.

Lab Groups

Specific Research Interests

I am interested in the development of statistical methodology, particularly methods that include ideas from optimization and computer science, as well as applications of statistics to the sciences and to sensor or instrument data. Lately, I have been working on inference problems that arise in regularized regression, as well as the application of optimization to assessments of estimator sensitivity and robustness.

I have also been fortunate to enjoy collaborations within Stanford University and with industry. This has included working with researchers in the physical sciences and the medical school, as well as with industry partners on statistical aspects of business decisions.