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Philipp Burckhardt

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I am a PhD Student in the joint Statistics & Public Policy program of the Department of Statistics and the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. I hold a Master's degree in Applied Statistics from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Humboldt-University. Having extensively dealt with large scale Internet data, I want to investigate the challenges institutions and governments face in the Internet age.

Some of my further interests are the development of statistical methods for analyzing unstructured textual data, specifically from the health-care domain and to develop platform-independent and browser-enabled statistical tools, to aid decision-making and make it easier to turn insights into action. Recently, I have become a major contributor to the Node.js JavaScript ecosystem, having (co)-authored more than 200 npm packages in the areas of numerical computing, statistical tools and text mining, among others.

Specific Research Interests

I have worked with Prof. David Choi, Prof. Daniel Nagin and Prof. Rema Padman.

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    FMS 317