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Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Technical Reports





  • 879 An Analysis of a Ninth Grade Mathematics Intervention Tracy Sweet(1/11)



  • 878 Analysis of a Web-based Network of Educators April Galyardt, Turadg Aleahmad, Stephen Fienberg, Brian Junker and Steve Hargadon (12/09)
  • 877 Algebraic Statistics for a Directed Random Graph Model with Reciprocation Sonja Petrovic, Alessandro Rinaldo, and Stephen E. Fienberg (9/09)
  • 876 Joint Quantile Regression through Bayesian Semiparametrics Surya T. Tokdar and Joseph B. Kadane (7/09)
  • 875 Low-Noise Density Clustering Alessandro Rinaldo and Larry Wasserman (7/09)
  • 874 Dynamics of Bayesian Updating with Dependent Data and Misspecified Models Cosma Shalizi (2/09)
  • 873 Sampling Weights in a Bayesian Grade of Membership Model Marianne (Marnie) Bertolet (2/09)
  • 872 Sampling Weights, Model Misspecification and Informative Sampling: A Simulation Study Marianne (Marnie) Bertolet (1/09)
  • 871 On the Geometry of Discrete Exponential Families with Application to Exponential Random Graph Models Stephen E. Fienberg, Alessandro Rinaldo and Yi Zhou (1/09)


  • 870 Clustering with Confidence: A Binning Approach Rebecca Nugent and Werner Stuetzle (11/08)
  • 869 A Note on the Uniqueness of the Lasso Solution Alessando Rinaldo (10/08)
  • 868 Calculating Remittiturs Joseph B. Kadane (9/08)
  • 867 Robust Smoothing: Smoothing Parameter Selection and Applications to Fluorescence Spectroscopy Jong Soo Lee and Dennis D. Cox (8/08)
  • 866 On the Asymptotic Properties of The Group Lasso Estimator for Linear Models Yuval Nardi and Alessandro Rinaldo (7/08)
  • 865 Proper Scoring Rules, Dominated Forecasts, and Coherence Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld and Joseph B. Kadane (7/08)
  • 864 On the equivalence of conglomerability and disintegrability for unbounded random variables Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld and Joseph B. Kadane} (7/08)
  • 863 Exploiting Low-Dimensional Structure in Astronomical Spectra Joseph W. Richards, Peter E. Freeman, Ann B. Lee, Chad M. Schafer (6/08)
  • 862 Autoregressive Process Modeling via the Lasso Procedure Yuval Nardi and Alessandro Rinaldo (5/08)
  • 861 Properties and Refinements of The Fused Lasso Alessandro Rinaldo (5/08)
  • 860 On the Regularized Regression Han Liu and Jian Zhang (2/08)


  • 859 IRT Modeling of Tutor Performance To Predict End-of-year Exam Scores Elizabeth Ayers and Brian Junker (11/07)
  • 858 Covariance Tapering for Likelihood Based Estimation in Large Spatial Datasets Cari Kaufman, Mark Schervish, and Douglas Nychka (10/07)
  • 857Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Latent Class Models For Contingency Table Data Stephen E. Fienberg, Patricia Hersh, Alessandro Rinaldo and Yi Zhou (09/07)
  • 856 The Log-linear Group Lasso Estimator and Its Asymptotic Properties Yuval Nardi and Alessandro Rinaldo (09/07)
  • 855 Generalizing from Clinical Trial Data: A Case Study. The Risk of Suicidality Among Pediatric Antidepressant Users Joel B. Greenhouse, Eloise E. Kaizar, Kelly Kelleher, Howard Seltman and William Gardner (08/07)
  • 854 Treelets --- An Adaptive Multi-Scale Basis for Sparse Unordered Data Ann B. Lee, Boaz Nadler and Larry Wasserman (07/07)
  • 853 Power-law distributions in empirical data Aaron Clauset, Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, and M. E. J. Newman (06/07)
  • 852 Maximum Likelihood Estimation for q-Exponential (Tsallis) Distributions Cosma Rohilla Shalizi (06/07)
  • 851 Coherent Choice Functinos under Uncertainty Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark J. Schervish and Joseph B. Kadane (05/07)
  • 850 A Generalized Single Linkage Method for Estimating the Cluster Tree of a Density Werner Stuetzle and Rebecca Nugent (04/07)
  • 849 Is Ignorance Bliss? Joseph B. Kadane, Mark Schervish and Teddy Seidenfeld (03/07)
  • 848 Discovering Functional Communities in Dynamical Networks Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, Marcelo F. Camperi and Kristina Lisa Klinkner (02/07)
  • 847 Adaptive Confidence Bands Christopher Genovese and Larry Wasserman (01/07)
  • 846 Pointwise Testing with Functional Data Using the Westfall-Young Randomization Method Dennis D. Cox and Jong Soo Lee (revised 07/07) (01/07)


  • 845 Selecting Local Models in Multiple Regression by Maximizing Power Chad M. Schafer and Kjell A. Doksum (11/06)
  • 844 A Statistical Method for Estimating Luminosity Functions using Truncated Data Chad M. Schafer (revised 2/07)(10/06)
  • 843 Inferring Galaxy Morphology Through Texture Analysis Kinman Au, Christopher Genovese and Andrew Connolly (10/06)
  • 842 Semiparametric Bivariate Density Estimation with Irregularly Truncated Data Chad M. Schafer (09/06)
  • 841 State-space models for optical imaging Kary L. Myers, Anthony E. Brockwell and William F. Eddy (08/06)
  • 840 When Coherent Preferences may not Preserve Indifference Between Equivalent Random Variables: A Price for Unbounded Utilities Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark J. Schervish, and Joseph B. Kadane (08/06)
  • 839 Correlation-sharing for Detection of Differential Gene Expression Robert Tibshirani and Larry Wasserman (08/06)
  • 838 Controlling a Neuroprosthetic Arm: Real Time Estimation and Prediction Cari Kaufman and Valerie Ventura (07/06)
  • 837 The Fundamental Theorems of Prevision and Asset Pricing Mark Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld and Joseph B. Kadane (06/06)
  • 836 Constructing Confidence Regions of Optimal Expected Size Chad M. Schafer and Philip B. Stark (06/06) (revised 6/07)
  • 835 Computing Maximum Likelihood Estimates in Log-Linear Models Alessandro Rinaldo (06/06)
  • 834 Universal Residuals: A Multivariate Transformation A. E. Brockwell (05/06) Revised (08/06)
  • 833 On Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Log-Linear Models Alessandro Rinaldo (05/06)
  • 832 Polyhedral Conditions for the Nonexistence of the MLE for Hierarchical Log-linear Models Nick Eriksson, Stephen E. Fienberg, Alessandro Rinaldo and Seth Sullivant (05/06)
  • 831 Three Centuries of Categorical Data Analysis: Log-linear Models and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Stephen E. Fienberg and Alessandro Rinaldo (05/06)
  • 830 Weighted Hypothesis Testing Larry Wasserman and Kathryn Roeder (04/06)


  • 829 Avoiding the Range of Equivalence in Clinical Trials: Bayesian Sample Size Determination for Robust Credible Intervals Pierpaolo Brutti and Fulvio De Santis (11/05)
  • 828 Spike Hunting in Galaxy Spectra Pierpaolo Brutti, Christopher R. Genovese, Christopher J. Miller, Robert C. Nichol, and Larry Wasserman (11/05)
  • 827 Examining the Effect of the Map-Making Algorithm on Observed Power Asymmetry in WMAP Data Peter E. Freeman, Christopher R. Genovese, Christopher J. Miller, Robert C. Nichol, and Larry Wasserman (10/05)
  • 826 TBA
  • 825 Devising Face Authentication System and Performance Evaluation Based on Statistical Models Sinjini Mitra, Anthony Brockwell, Marios Savvides, Stephen E. Fienberg (09/05)
  • 824 TBA
  • 823 Rodeo: Sparse Nonparametric Regression in High Dimensions John Lafferty and Larry Wasserman (06/05)
  • 822 Spatial Modelling Using a New Class of Nonstationary Covariance Functions Christopher J. Paciorek and Mark J. Schervish (06/05)
  • 821 Edgeworth expansions in small noise asymptotics Lan Zhang, Per A. Mykland, and Yacine Ait-Sahalia (06/05)
  • 820 Discussion of paper "A selective overview of nonparametric methods in financial econometrics" by Jianqing Fan Per A. Mykland and Lan Zhang (06/05)
  • 819 Ultra High Frequency Volatility Estimation with Dependent Microstructure Noise Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Per A. Mykland, and Lan Zhang (06/05)
  • 818 Regression-Assisted Deconvolution Julie McIntyre and Leonard A. Stefanski (05/05)
  • 817 A Dynamic Supply-Demand Model for Electricity Prices Manuela Buzoianu, Anthony E. Brockwell, Duane J. Seppi (05/05)
  • 816 Recursive Kernel Density Estimation of the Likelihood for Generalized State-Space Models - This pdf file is temporarily removed while the author is making corrections. A.E. Brockwell (03/05)
  • 815 Improved Models for Analysis of Motor-Cortical Signals Alex L. Rojas, Anthony E. Brockwell and Andrew B. Schwartz (02/05)
  • 814 Finitely Additive Uniform Distributions on the Natural Numbers: Shift-Invariance Oliver Schirokauer and Joseph B. Kadane (02/05) Updated: February 2006


  • 813 A Class of Generalized Long-Memory Time Series Models A. E. Brockwell (11/04)
  • 812 Efficient Estimation of Stochastic Volatility Using Noisy Observations: A Multi-Scale Approach Lan Zhang (11/04)(revised 02/06)
  • 811 False Discovery Control with P-Value Weighting Christopher R. Genovese, Kathryn Roeder and Larry Wasserman (10/04)
  • 810 A Bayesian Hierarchical method for fitting multiple health endpoints in a toxicity study Taeryon Choi, Mark J. Schervish, Ketra A. Schmitt and Mitchell J. Small (09/04)
  • 809 Posterior Consistency in Nonparametric Regression Problems under Gaussian Process Priors Taeryon Choi and Mark J. Schervish (07/04)
  • 808Statistical Methods for Eliciting Probability Distributions Paul H. Garthwaite, Joseph B. Kadane and Anthony O'Hagan updated (1/05) - formerly "Elicitation" (07/04)
  • 807 Exceedance Control of the False Discovery Proportion Christopher Genovese and Larry Wasserman (07/04)
  • 806 Trial-to-Trial Variability and its Effect on Time-Varying Dependence Between Two Neurons Can Cai, Robert E. Kass, and Valérie Ventura (07/04)
  • 805 Statistical Assessment of Time-Varying Dependence Between Two Neurons Can Cai, Robert E. Kass, and Valérie Ventura (07/04)
  • 804 Scan Clustering: A False Discovery Approach M. Perone Pacifico, C. Genovese, I. Verdinelli, and L. Wasserman (07/04)
  • 803 A Fast Clustering Algorithm with Application to Cosmology Woncheol Jang (06/04)
  • 802 Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation by Pre-Fetching Anthony Brockwell (revised 03/05)(06/04)
  • 801 A method for inferring evolutionary relationships among haplotypes, exemplified by haplotypes at the monoamine oxidase locus Hoa Nguyen, Kathryn Roeder, B. Devlin, Brion S. Maher, Ling-Mei Yu, Robert E. Ferrell, Michael M. Vanyukov (06/04)
  • 800 Estimation in Generalized Linear Models with Heterogeneous Random Effects Woncheol Jang and Johan Lim (05/04)
  • 799 A Penalized Likelihood Approach to Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Vera L. Bulaevskaya and Gary W.Oehlert (05/04)
  • 798 Long-Memory Dynamic Tobit Models A.E. Brockwell and N.H. Chan (04/04)
  • 797 Nonparametric Density Estimation and Clustering in Astronomical Sky Surveys Woncheol Jang (updated 10/04)(04/04)
  • 796 Lights, Camera, Action! -- Systematic Variation in Difference Gel Electrophoresis Kimberly F. Sellers, Jeffrey Miecznikowski, Surya Viswanathan, Jonathan S. Minden and William F. Eddy (03/04)
  • 795 Nonparametric Confidence Sets for Densities Woncheol Jang, Christopher Genovese and Larry Wasserman (updated 10/04)(03/04)
  • 794 CATS: Clustering After Transformation and Smoothing Nicoleta Serban and Larry Wasserman (02/04)
  • 793 MCMC Strategies for Computing Bayesian Predictive Densities for Censored Multivariate Data J.R. Lockwood and Mark J. Schervish (01/04)
  • 792 Nonparametric Inference for the Cosmic Microwave Background Christopher R. Genovese, Christopher J. Miller, Robert C. Nichol, Mihir Arjunwadkar and Larry Wasserman (01/04)


  • 791 Evidence of systematic Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) I.M.A.G.E. clone cross-hybridization on cDNA microarrays Dan Handley, Nicoleta Serban, David Peters, Robert O'Doherty, Melvin Field, Larry Wasserman, Peter Spirtes, Richard Scheines and Clark Glymour (12/03)
  • 790 Using Classical and Resampling Methods for Face Recognition based on Quantified Asymmetry Measures Sinjini Mitra, Nicole A. Lazar and Yanxi Liu (11/03) Revised (12/03)
  • 789 Who Wrote Ronald Reagan's Radio Addresses? Edoardo M. Airoldi and Stephen E. Fienberg (10/03)
  • 788 Bayes Factors for Goodness of Fit Testing Fulvio Spezzaferri, Isabella Verdinelli, and Massimo Zeppieri (10/03)
  • 787 Interval estimation for the variability of a contaminated Ito processes Lan Zhang and Per A. Mykland (10/03)
  • 786 A tale of two time scales: Determining integrated volatility with noisy high frequency data Lan Zhang, Per A. Mykland and Yacine Aït-Sahali(10/03)
  • 785 Inference for volatility-type objects and implications for hedging Per A. Mykland and Lan Zhang
  • 784 ANOVA for diffusions Per A. Mykland and Lan Zhang
  • 783 Testing for, and Estimating Latency Effects for Poisson and non-Poisson Spike Trains Valérie Ventura (08/03)
  • 782 Assessing the Effect of Individual Data Points on Inference from Empirical Likelihood Nicole A. Lazar (08/03)
  • 781 Many-Valued Logic in Vague and Multi-State Stochastic Systems (formerly "Vague Coherent Systems") Kimberly F. Sellers and Nozer D. Singpurwalla Revised (09/03)
  • 780 A Threshold Autoregressive Model for Wholesale Electricity Prices B. Ricky Rambharat, Anthony Brockwell, and Duane Seppi (07/03) Revised (10/03)
  • 779 Systematic Variation in Genetic Microarray Data Kimberly F. Sellers, Jeffrey Miecznikowski and William F. Eddy (06/03) (REVISED 02/04)
  • 778 Two Talks by Samuel W. Greenhouse, George Washington University Joel Greenhouse (06/03)
  • 777Model Specification for Cognitive Assessment of Proportional Reasoning Rhiannon Weaver and Brian Junker (06/03)
  • 776 Computing with the COM-Poisson distribution Thomas P. Minka, Galit Shmueli, Joseph B. Kadane, Sharad Borle, and Peter Boatwright (06/03)
  • 775 Controlling the proportion of falsely-rejected hypotheses whenconducting multiple tests with climatological data Valérie Ventura, Chris Paciorek, James Risbey (06/03) (updated 04/04)
  • 774 Corbelled Domes in Two and Three Dimension: The Treasury of Atreus Nicole A. Lazar, Joseph B. Kadane, Fang Chen, William G. Cavanagh and Clifford D. Litton (05/03)
  • 773 National Survey of Adolescent Well-Being (NSCAW): A Comparison of Model and Design Based Analyses of Cognitive Stimulation Scores Marianne Bertolet, Howard Seltman, Joel Greeenhouse and Kelly Kelleher (03/03)
  • 772 Extensions of Expected Utility Theory and Some Limitations of Pairwise Comparisons M. J. Schervish, T. Seidenfeld, J. B. Kadane, and I. Levi (03/03)
  • 771 False Discovery Rates for Random Fields M. Perone Pacifico, C. Genovese, I. Verdinelli, L. Wasserman (02/03)


  • 770
    Identification of Regeneration Times
    in MCMC Simulation, with Application to Adaptive Schemes Anthony E. Brockwell and Joseph B. Kadane (12/02)
  • 769
    A Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Formulae -- An Adventure in
    Model Fitting Nicole A. Lazar (10/02)
  • 768
    Confidence Sets for Nonparametric Wavelet Regression Christopher
    Genovese and Larry Wasserman
  • 767
    A Class of Models for Aggregated Traffic Volume Time Series A. E.
    Brockwell, N.H. Chan, and P.K. Lee
  • 766
    Evaluating Polygraph Data Aleksandra Slavkovic (08/02)
  • 765
    A Markov chain Monte Carlo approach to reconstructing ancestral genome
    arrangments Bret Larget, Joseph B. Kadane and Donald L. Simon
  • 764
    Bayesian and Frequentist Multiple Testing Christopher Genovese and
    Larry Wasserman
  • 763
    Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference from Animal Mitochondrial Genome Arrangements
    Bret Larget, Donald L. Simon and Joseph B. Kadane (02/02)
  • 762
    False Discovery Rates Christopher Genovese and Larry Wasserman
    (01/02) (Revised 01/03)
  • 761
    Bayesian Prediction of National Multi-Contaminant Trends in Community
    Water System Sources J.R. Lockwood, Mark J. Schervish, Patrick Gurian
    and Mitchell J. Small


  • 760
    Measuring Incoherence Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld, and Joseph
    B. Kadane
  • 759
    Methods and Criteria for Model Selection Joseph B. Kadane and Nicole
    A. Lazar
    (12/01) (Revised 08/03)
  • 758
    Algorithms for maximum-likelihood logistic regression Thomas P.
  • 757
    Practical Regeneration for Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation Anthony
    E. Brockwell and Joseph B. Kadane
  • 756
    A Gridding Method for Sequential Analysis Problems Anthony E. Brockwell
    and Joseph B. Kadane
  • 755
    A Non-parametric Analysis of the CMB Power Spectrum C.J. Miller,
    R.C. Nicol, C. Genovese, and L. Wasserman
  • 754
    A new source detection algorithm using FDR A.M. Hopkins, C.J. Miller,
    A.J. Connolly, C. Genovese, R.C. Nichol and L. Wasserman
  • 753
    Computing Consecutive-Type Reliabilities Non-Recursively Galit Shmueli
  • 752
    Nonparametric Inference in Astrophysics The Pittsburgh Institute
    for Computational Astrostatistics (PICA)(Woncheol Jang, Chris Miller,
    Andy Connolly, Jeff Schneider, Chris Genovese, Bob Nichol, Andrew Moore
    and Larry Wasserman)
  • 751
    Association Studies for Quantitative Traits in Structured Populations
    Silviu-Alin Bacanu, B. Devlin and Kathryn Roeder (08/01)
  • 750
    Unbiased Methods for Population-based Association Studies B. Devlin,
    Kathryn Roeder and Silviu-Alin Bacanu
  • 749
    Genomic control, a new approach to genetic-based association studies
    B. Devlin, K. Roeder and L. Wasserman (08/01)
  • 748
    Multiple indices of Northern Hemisphere Cyclone Activity, Winters 1949-1999
    C.J. Paciorek, J.S. Risbey, V. Ventura, R.D.Rosen (08/01)
  • 747
    Controlling the False Discovery Rate in Astrophysical Data Analysis
    C.J. Miller, C. Genovese, R.C. Nichol, L. Wasserman, A. Connolly,
    D. Reichart, A. Hopkins, J. Schneider and A. Moore
  • 746
    Counting and Estimation: Methodology for Improving the Quality of Censuses
    - The U.S. Census Adjustment Decision Margo Anderson and Stephen
    E. Fienberg
  • 745
    Mixture Models for Linkage Analysis of Affected Sibling Pairs and Covariates
    B. Devlin, Bobby L. Jones, Silviu-Alin Bacanu and Kathryn Roeder
  • 744
    Outlier Detection and False Discovery Rates for Whole-genome DNA Matching
    Jung-Ying Tzeng, W. Byerley, B. Devlin, Kathryn Roeder and Larry
  • 743
    Iterative Markov Chain Monte Carlo Computation of Reference Priors and
    Minimax Risk John Lafferty and Larry Wasserman (07/01)
  • 742
    Run Length Distribution for Control Charts with Runs Rules Galit
    Shmueli and Ayala Cohen
  • 741
    A Model of the Joint Distribution of Purchase Quantity and Timing Peter
    Boatwright, Sharad Borle and Joseph B. Kadane
    (REVISED 04/03)
  • 740
    Using Computational and Mathematical Methods to Explore a New Distribution:
    The $\nu$-Poisson Galit Shmueli, Thomas P. Minka, Joseph B. Kadane,
    Sharad Borle and Peter Boatwright
  • 739
    Hierarchical Modeling of Arsenic Concentrations at Entry Points in US
    Public Drinking Water Supplies Yangang Zhang (05/01)
  • 738
    Prediction of Freshmen Academic Performance Iuliana Ianus (03/01)
  • 737
    Operating Characteristics and Extensions of the FDR Procedure Christopher
    Genovese and Larry Wasserman
  • 736
    Meta-analysis: In Practice - An Article for the International Encyclopedia
    of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Joel Greenhouse (01/01)
  • 735
    Thresholding of Statistical Maps in Functional Neuroimaging Using the
    False Discovery Rate C. R. Genovese, N. A. Lazar, and T. Nichols
  • 734
    Bounds for Cell Entries in Contingency Tables Induced by Fixed Marginal
    Totals Adrian Dobra and Stephen E. Fienberg (01/01)


  • 733
    Dual-Sampling-Rate Moving Horizon Control of a Class of Linear Systems
    with Input Saturation and Plant Uncertainty A. Brockwell, E. Polak,
    R. Evans and D. Ralph
    (11/00) Revised (04/02)
  • 732
    Did Lennox Lewis Beat Evander Holyfield? Methods for Analyzing Small-sample
    Inter-rater Agreement Problems David J. Algranati, Daniel L. Cork
    and Herbert K. Lee
  • 731
    Population Heterogeneity Representations of Log-linear, Latent Class,
    Rasch and Grade of Membership Models Elena A. Erosheva (11/00)
  • 730
    The Effect of Intensity of Effort to Reach Survey Respondents: A Toronto
    Smoking Survey Louis T. Mariano and Joseph B. Kadane (11/00)
    Revised (01/01) Revised (09/01)
  • 729
    Understanding Reenlistment in the Union Army during the American Civil
    War Mario Trottini and John Robertson (10/00)
  • 728
    Measuring the Disclosure Risk for Multiway Tables with Fixed Marginals
    Corresponding to Decomposable Loglinear Models Adrian Dobra (10/00)
  • 727
    Improper Regular Conditional Distributions Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark
    J. Schervish and Joseph B. Kadane
  • 726
    Bootstrap Diagnostics A.J. Canty, A.C. Davison, D.V. Hinkley, and
    V. Ventura
  • 725
    Uniform Consistency In Causal Inference James M. Robins, Richard
    Scheines, Peter Spirtes and Larry Wasserman
  • 724
    A Compensator for Unknown Slowly Time-Varying Input Offsets in Continuous-Time
    State-Feedback Systems Anthony Brockwell (9/00)
  • 723
    Shrinkage estimators for covariance matrices Michael J. Daniels
    and Robert E. Kass
    (9/00) Revised 5/01.
  • 722
    Characterizing the Diurnal Rhythm of DHEA Elena A. Erosheva, Patricia
    D. Kroboth and Joel B. Greenhouse
  • 721
    Bayesian Empirical Likelihood Nicole A. Lazar (8/00)
  • 720
    How Big is the World Wide Web? Adrian Dobra (8/00)
  • 719
    Fast Algorithms and Efficient Statistics: Density Estimation in Large
    Astronomical Datasets R.C. Nichol, A.J. Connolly, A.W. Moore, J.
    Schneider, C. Genovese, and L. Wasserman
    (7/00) (revised 8/00)
  • 718
    On Clinical Trials in Psychology Joel Greenhouse (7/00)
  • 717
    A Spike Train Probability Model Robert E. Kass and Valérie Ventura
    (6/00)(revised 8/00)(revised 11/00)
  • 716
    Bayesian Curve Fitting with Free-Knot Splines Ilaria DiMatteo, Christopher
    R. Genovese, and Robert E. Kass
  • 715
    Statistical Analysis of Temporal Evolution in Single-Neuron Firing Rates
    Valérie Ventura, Roberto Carta, Robert E. Kass, Carl R. Olson, and Sonya
    N. Gettner
    (Revised 11/00)
  • 714
    Movies for the Visualization of MCMC Output Nicole A. Lazar and
    Joseph B. Kadane
    (6/00) Revised (6/01) (formerly Reversible Jump
    Markov Chain Monte Carlo: The Movie)
  • 713
    Genomic control for association studies: A semiparametric test to detect
    excess-haplotype sharing B. Devlin, Kathryn Roeder and Larry Wasserman
  • 712
    The Hierarchical Rater Model for Rated Test Items and its Application
    to Large-Scale Educational Assessment Data Richard J. Patz, Brian
    W. Junker and Matthew S. Johnson
  • 711
    Convergence Rates for Posterior Distributions and Adaptive Estimation
    Tzee-Ming Huang (5/00)
  • 710
    Some Topics in Nonparametric and Parametric IRT, with Some Thoughts
    About the Future Brian W. Junker (4/00)
  • 709
    Sampling-Based Adjustment of the 2000 Census -- A Balanced Perspective
    Margo Anderson, Beth Osborne Daponte, Stephen E. Fienberg, Joseph
    B. Kadane, Bruce D. Spencer and Duane L. Steffey
  • 708
    Consistency of Bernstein Polynomial Posteriors Sonia Petrone and
    Larry Wasserman


  • 707
    Vote Tampering in a District Justice Election in Beaver County, PA Ilaria
    DiMatteo and Joseph B. Kadane
    12/99 (revised 2/00)
  • 706
    The Role of Context in Visual Perception: An fMRI Study Thomas E.
    Nichols, William F. Eddy, James L. McClelland
  • 705
    On the Calibration of Bayesian Model Choice Criteria Pantelis K.
    Vlachos and Alan E. Gelfand
  • 704
    How Incoherent is Fixed-Level Testing? Mark J. Schervish, Teddy
    Seidenfeld and Joseph B. Kadane
  • 703
    How Sets of Coherent Probabilities May Serve as Models for Degrees
    of Incoherence Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld and Joseph B.
    10/99 (Revised 3/00)
  • 702
    A Generalized Predictive Criterion for Model Selection Mario
    Trottini and Fulvio Spezzaferri
  • 701
    A Note on Bayesian Design for the Normal Linear Model with Unknown
    Error Variance Isabella Verdinelli 10/99
  • 700
    Characterization of Arsenic Occurrence in US Drinking Water Treatment
    Facility Source Waters J.R. Lockwood III, Mark J. Schervish, Patrick
    Gurian and Mitchell J. Small
    9/99 (Revised 7/01)
  • 699
    The Foundations of Statistics: A Vignette James Robins and Larry
  • 698
    The History of the First American Census and the Constitutional
    Language on Censustaking: Report of a Workshop Margo Anderson and
    Stephen E. Fienberg
  • 697
    Sampling and Census 2000 -- Methodological Issues: Report to the
    Donner Foundation Beth Osborne Daponte, Stephen E. Fienberg, Joseph
    B. Kadane and Duane L. Steffey
  • 696
    Learning Text from the Web: An Application of Classification Methods
    Stella M. Salvatierra
  • 695
    Applying Non-parmetric Robust Bayesian Analysis to Non-Opinionated
    Judicial Neutrality Joseph B. Kadane, Elias Moreno, Maria Eglee
    Perez and Luis Raul Pericchi
  • 694
    Double Importance Sampling Valérie Ventura 4/99 (Revised
  • 693
    Non-Conjugate Bayesian Analysis of Variance Component Models Russell
    D. Wolfinger and Robert E. Kass
  • 692
    Spatial Frames of Reference in Hemispatial Neglect Patients Ilaria
    Di Matteo
  • 691
    Frechet and Bonferroni Bounds for Multi-way Tables of Counts With
    Applications to Disclosure Limitation Stephen E. Fienberg 2/99
  • 690
    Measuring Appropriability in Research and Development with Item
    Response Models Matthew Johnson, Wesley Cohen and Brian Junker
  • 689
    Applying Cognitive Theory to Statistics Instruction Marsha C.
    Lovett and Joel B. Greenhouse
  • 688
    Classical Multi-level and Bayesian Approaches to Population Size
    Estimation Using Multiple Lists Stephen E. Fienberg, Matthew S.
    Johnson and Brian W. Junker


  • 687
    Empirical Likelihood for Autoregressive Models, with Applications
    to Unstable Time Series Chin-Shan Chuang and Ngai Hang Chan
  • 686
    Bayesian Time Series Modelling with Long-Range Dependence Giovanni
    Petris and Mike West
  • 685
    Rates of Convergence for the Gaussian Mixture Sieve Chris Genovese
    and Larry Wasserman
  • 684
    A SAS Procedure Based on Mixture Models for Estimating Developmental
    Trajectories Bobby L. Jones, Daniel S. Nagin and Kathryn Roeder
  • 683
    Modeling Uncertainty in Latent Class Membership: a Case Study in
    Criminology Kathryn Roeder, Kevin G. Lynch and Daniel S. Nagin,
  • 682
    Yule's Association Paradox and Ignored Stratum Heterogeneity in
    Capture-Recapture Studies Joseph B. Kadane, Michael M. Meyer and
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  • 681
    Simulating from Mixture Distributions Giovanni Petris and Luca
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  • 680
    Reference Bayesian Methods for Generalized Linear Mixed Models Ranjini
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    Statistical Inference for a Computational Model of Cognition Randy
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  • 678
    Rates of Convergence of Posterior Distributions Xiaotong Shen
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  • 677
    Asymptotic Inference for Mixture Models Using Data Dependent Priors
    Larry Wasserman, 6/98
  • 676
    Consistency of Posterior Distributions for Neural Networks Herbert
  • 675
    P's in a Pod: some recipes for cooking Mendel's data Teddy Seidenfeld,
  • 674
    Statistical Inference in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Christoper
  • 673
    Nonparametric Bootstrap Recycling Valérie Ventura, 4/98
    (Revised 12/00)
  • 672
    Asymptotic Properties of Nonparametric Bayesian Procedures Larry
  • 671
    Bayesian Model Selection: Analysis of a Survival Model with a Surviving
    Fraction Howard Seltman, Joel Greenhouse, and Larry Wasserman,


  • 670
    Applications and extensions of MCMC in IRT: Multiple item types,
    missing data, and rated responses Richard J. Patz and Brian W. Junker,
  • 669
    Bayes Factors for Variance Component Models Donna K. Pauler,
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  • 668
    Confidentiality and Disclosure Limitation Methodology: Challenges
    for National Statistics and Statistical Research Stephen E. Fienberg,
  • 667
    Methods for Default and Robust Bayesian Model Comparison: the Fractional
    Bayes Factor Approach F. De Santis and F. Spezzaferri, 10/97
  • 666
    Bayesian Model Selection and Model Averaging L. Wasserman,
  • 665
    Time Series Analysis of Diurnal Cycles in Small-Scale Turbulence
    N.H. Chan, J.B. Kadane and T. Jiang, 10/97
  • 664
    Hierarchical Models for Employment Decisions Joseph B. Kadane
    and George G. Woodworth
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  • 663
    A Note on First-Stage Approximation In Two-Stage Hierarchical Models
    Michael J. Daniels and Robert E. Kass, 9/97
  • 662
    Measuring Heterogeneity in Forensic Databases Using Hierarchical
    Bayes Models: Computational Method Kathryn Roeder, Michael Escobar,
    Joseph B. Kadane and Ivan Balazs
    , 8/97
  • 661
    Latent and manifest monotonicity in item response models Brian
    W. Junker and Klaas Sijtsma
    , 8/97
  • 660
    Two Measures of Incoherence: How Not to Gamble If You Must Mark
    J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld and Joseph B. Kadane
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  • 659
    Nonconjugate Bayesian estimation of covariance matrices and its
    use in hierarchical models Michael J. Daniels and Robert E. Kass,
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  • 658
    A straightforward approach to Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods for
    item response models Richard J. Patz and Brian W. Junker, 6/97
  • 657
    Book Review: Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice, by Gilks, Richardson
    and Spiegelhalter Reviewed by Robert E. Kass, 6/97
  • 656
    Variable Fusion: A New Adaptive Signal Regression Method Stephanie
    R. Land and Jerome H. Friedman
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  • 655
    Trends in the Surface Meridional Temperature Gradient Alix I.
    Gitelman, James S. Risbey, Robert E. Kass, and Richard D. Rosen
  • 654
    Estimation of Effects of Sequential Treatments by Reparameterizing
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  • 653
    Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice: A Roundtable Discussion. Robert
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  • 652
    Bayes Factors: What they are and what they are not. Michael
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  • 651
    The Consistency of Posterior Distributions in Nonparametric Problems.
    Andrew Barron, Mark J. Schervish and Larry Wasserman, 1/97


  • 650
    Model Selection for Consumer Loan Application Data. Herbert
    , 12/96
  • 649
    On the Impossibility of Inferring Causation from Association without
    Background Knowledge. James M. Robins and Larry Wasserman,
  • 648
    Flexible Parametric Measurement Error Models. Raymond J. Carroll,
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  • 647
    Bayesian Design for the Normal Linear Model with Unknown Error Variance.
    Isabella Verdinelli, 9/96
  • 646
    Inferences in Dynamic Error-In-Variable-Measurement Problems. Joao
    Albuquerque, Lorenz T. Bigler and Robert E. Kass
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  • 645
    Estimating Test-Retest Reliability in fMRI I: Statistical Methodology.
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  • 644
    Analyzing Small Psychological Experiments with Item Response Models.
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  • 643
    Some remarks on Scheiblechner's treatment of ISOP models. Brian
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  • 642
    Bayesian Analysis of Variance Component Models via Rejection Sampling
    Russell D. Wolfinger and Robert E. Kass, 1/96
  • 641
    The Bayesian Approach to Meta-Analysis: A Case-Study I. Verdinelli,
    K. Andrews, K. Detre and P. Peduzzi
    , 1/96
  • 640
    Bayesian Goodness of Fit Testing Using Infinite Dimensional Exponential
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  • 639
    Evaluation of a Reconstruction of the Adjusted 1990 Census for Florida
    Michael M. Meyer and Joseph B. Kadane, 11/95
  • 638
    Measuring Heterogeneity in Forensic Databases Using Hierarchical
    Bayes Models Kathryn Roeder, Michael Escobar, Joseph B. Kadane and
    Ivan Balazs
    , 10/95
  • 637
    Optimal Bayesian Randomization Scott M. Berry and Joseph B.
    , 10/95
  • 636
    Hierarchical bayesian Analysis of Arrest Rates Jacqueline Cohen,
    Daniel Nagin, Garrick Wallstrom and Larry Wasserman
    , 10/95
  • 635
    Adjusting the alpha-level for Sample Size Scott M. Berry and
    Kert Viele
    , 9/95
  • 634
    The Schwarz Criterion and Related Methods for Model Selection in
    Linear Regression Donna K. Pauler, 9/95
  • 633
    Practical Bayesian Density Estimation Using Mixtures of Normals
    Kathryn Roeder and Larry Wasserman, 9/95
  • 632
    Ethics, Objectivity, and Politics: Statistics in a Public Policy
    Context Stephen E. Fienberg, 8/95
  • 630
    Computing Bayes Factors by Combining Simulation and Asymptotic Approximations
    Thomas J. DiCiccio, Robert E. Kass, Adrian Raftery and Larry Wasserman,
  • 629
    An Analysis of Currency Options and Exchange Rate Distributions
    Chris Andrews, 5/95
  • 628
    Expected Utility as a Policy Making Tool: An Environmental Health
    Example Lara J. Wolfson, Joseph B. Kadane and Mitchell J. Small,
  • 627
    Priors for Unit Root Models Joseph B. Kadane, Ngai Hang Chan
    and Lara J. Wolfson
    , 5/95
  • 626
    A Practical, Robust Method for Bayesian Model Selection: A Case
    Study in the Analysis of Clinical Trials Joel Greenhouse and Larry
    , 5/95
  • 625
    Analysis of Arrest Rates Subir Sinha, 5/95
  • 623
    A Reference Bayesian Test for Nested Hypotheses And its Relationship
    to the Schwarz Criterion Robert E. Kass and Larry Wasserman,
  • 622
    Non-Parametric Classes of Weight Functions to Model Publication
    Bias Nancy L. Paul, 4/95
  • 621
    Hierarchical Selection Models with Applications in Meta-Analysis
    Nancy L. Paul, 4/95
  • 620
    Symmetric, Coherent, Choquet Capacities Joseph B. Kadane and
    Larry Wasserman
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  • 619
    Bayesian Demography: Projecting the Iraqi Kurdish Population, 1977-1990
    Beth Osborne Daponte, Joseph B. Kadane, and Lara J. Wolfson,
  • 618
    Wringing the Bell Curve: A Cautionary Tale about the Relationships
    Among Race, Genes and IQ Bernie Devlin, Stephen E. Fienberg, Daniel
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    , 4/95
  • 617
    Reconsidering the Fundamental Contributions of Fisher and Neyman
    on Experimentation and Sampling Stephen E. Fienberg and Judith M.
    , 4/95
  • 616
    An Algorithm for Isotonic Regression on Ordered Rectangular Grids
    Shixian Qian and William F. Eddy, 3/95
  • 615
    Estimation of Tropical Sea Level Anomaly by an Improved Kalman Filter
    Ngai Hang Chan, Joseph B. Kadane, Robert N. Miller and Wilfredo
    , 2/95
  • 614
    A Characterization of Monotone Unidimensional Latent Variable Models
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  • 613
    Applying Statistical Concepts and Approaches in Academic Administration
    Stephen E. Fienberg, 1/95
  • 612
    Dynamic Visualization in Modelling and Optimization of Ill Defined
    Problems: Case Studies and Generalizations William F. Eddy and Audris
    , 1/95


  • 611
    A Radical Proposal for the Provision of Micro-Data Samples and the
    Preservation of Confidentiality Stephen E. Fienberg, 12/94
  • 610
    Reconsidering Neyman on Experimentation and Sampling: Controversies
    and Fundamental Contributions Stephen E. Fienberg and Judith M.
    , 12/94
  • 609
    The Relationship between Form and Function in the Speech of Specifically
    Language Impaired Children Kert Viele, 11/94
  • 608
    A Bayesian Approach to Data Disclosure: Optimal Intruder Behavior
    for Continuous Data Stephen E. Fienberg, Udi E. Makov and Ashish
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    , 11/94
  • 607
    Black, White, and Shades of Grey (and Brown and Yellow) Margo
    Anderson and Stephen E. Fienberg
    , 11/94
  • 606
    Stanley Warner's Contributions to Statistically Balanced Information
    Technology Stephen E. Fienberg and Nuri Jazairi, 11/94
  • 605
    Incorporating Retrials Into $L$-Symmetric Networks Glen Takahara,
  • 604
    Discussion of Presentations on Statistical Disclosure Methodology
    Stephen E. Fienberg, 9/94
  • 603
    A Coversation with Janet L. Norwood Stephen E. Fienberg,
  • 602
    Bayesian Statistics and the Law Stephen E. Fienberg and Michael
    , 9/94
  • 601
    An Interactive Image Index William F. Eddy and Audris Mockus,
  • 600
    Postmortem Analysis of Neuron Distributions in the Locus Coeruleus
    of Alcoholics and Suicidal Victims, Donna K. Pauler, 8/94
  • 599
    Bayesian Experimental Design: A Review Kathryn Chaloner and
    Isabella Verdinelli
    , 8/94
  • 598
    A Significance Paradox Mark J. Schervish, 7/94
  • 597
    A Survey of Theory and Methods of Invariant Item Ordering Klaas
    Sijtsma and Brian W. Junker
    , 5/94
  • 596
    Local Sensitivity of Posterior Expectations Paul A. Gustafson,
  • 595
    Convolutions of Bivariate Appell Polynomials with Long-Range Dependence
    Norma Terrin, 5/94
  • 594
    Statistical Decision Theory for Environmental Remediation Lara
    J. Wolfson, Joseph B. Kadane and Mitchell J. Small
    , 5/94
  • 593
    Dynamic Graphical Presentation of High Dimensional Data for Use
    in Process Control William F. Eddy and Kensuke Shirakawa, 5/94
  • 592
    Approximate Single Linkage Cluster Analysis of Large Data Sets in
    High Dimensional Spaces William F. Eddy, Audris Mockus and Shingo
    , 4/94
  • 591
    Dynamic Three-dimensional Display of U.S. Air Traffic William
    F. Eddy and Shingo Oue
    , 3/94
  • 590
    Mixture Models for Heterogeneity in Biomedical Disorders Donna
    K. Pauler, Michael D. Escobar and John A. Sweeney
    , 3/94
  • 589
    Local Sensitivity Analysis Paul Gustafson, C. Srinivasan and
    Larry Wasserman
    , 3/94
  • 588
    Robust Bayesian Methods for Monitoring Clinical Trials Joel
    B. Greenhouse and Larry Wasserman
    , 2/94
  • 587
    Characterization of the Almost Agreeing Probabilities for the Kraft-Pratt-Seidenberg
    Structures Petros Hadjicostas, 1/94
  • 586
    Subregion Adaptive Integration of Functions Having a Dominant Peak
    Alan Genz and Robert E. Kass, 1/94


  • 585
    Divisive Conditioning: Further Results on Dilation Timothy Herron,
    Teddy Seidenfeld and Larry Wasserman
    , 12/93
  • 584
    Inference for Unstable Long-Memory Processes with Applications to
    Fractional Unit Root Autoregressions Ngai Hang Chan and Norma Terrin,
  • 583
    Formal Rules for Selecting Prior Distributions: A Review and Annotated
    Bibliography Robert E. Kass and Larry Wasserman, 12/93
  • 582
    Statistical Models for the Analysis of Ordered Categorical Data
    in Public Health and Medical Research Ruth D. Etzioni, Stephen E.
    Fienberg, Zvi Gilula and Shelby J. Haberman
    , 11/93
  • 581
    Designing Census Sampling for Reapportionment Joseph B. Kadane,
  • 580
    Reasoning to a Foregone Conclusion Joseph B. Kadane, Mark J.
    Schervish and Teddy Seidenfeld
    , 11/93
  • 579
    The Local Sensitivity of Posterior Expectations Paul Gustafson,
  • 578 An Asymptotic Analysis of the Number of Comparisons in Multipartition
    Quicksort Kok Hooi Tan, 8/93
  • 577
    Conflicts Between the Needs for Access to Statistical Information
    Stephen E. Fienberg, 8/93
  • 576
    A Bayesian Analysis of Bivariate Survival Data from a Multicentre
    Cancer Clinical Trial Paul Gustafson, 10/93
  • 575
    Optimal Use of Peremptory Challenges Reconsidered Joseph B.
    Kadane, Christopher Stone and Garrick Wallstrom
    , 7/93
  • 574
    Local Sensitivity Diagnostics for Bayesian Inference Paul Gustafson
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  • 573
    A Note on Generalizing the Savage-Dickey Density Ratio Isabella
    Verdinelli and Larry Wasserman
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  • 572
    Time Series Analysis of Diurnal Cycles in Small-Scale Turbulence
    N.H. Chan, J.B. Kadane and T. Jiang, 6/93
  • 571
    Bayes Factors and Model Uncertainty (Revised 12/93) Robert E.
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  • 570
    Bayes Factors, Nuisance Parameters and Imprecise Tests Isabella
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  • 569
    Hierarchical priors and mixture models, with application in regression
    and density estimation Mike West, Peter Müller and Michael D. Escobar,
  • 568
    Density and Generating Functions of a Limiting Distribution for
    Quicksort Kok Hooi Tan and Petros Hadjicostas 1/93