36-757: Advanced Data Analysis I, Spring 2012

Time/Place TR 1:30PM-2:50PM, Porter Hall A20
Website: http://www.stat.cmu.edu/~acthomas/757/.
Instructor: Andrew C. Thomas (acthomas -at- stat.cmu.edu). Office Hours: By appointment.

Past guidelines for the ADA project.

Advanced Data Analysis (ADA) is a two-semester Ph.D. level research seminar that supports completion of the ADA research project. During 36-757, you will identify an ADA project for yourself, assemble an ADA committee, and take initial steps toward organizing and solving the problem(s) presented in your project. The ADA project is an extended project in applied statistics, done in collaboration with an investigator from outside the Department, under the guidance of a faculty committee, culminating in a publishable paper that is presented orally and in writing in 36-758.

The ADA project, including both oral and written components, is one of the qualifying examinations for the Ph.D. in Statistics. It is aimed at getting students an in-depth cross-disciplinary research experience, with emphasis on the role of statistics in solving a scientific, technological, or policy problem. The department guidelines for the ADA project are listed in this document.

I will make available on the course website the following items:

The role of the ADA instructor is to fulfill these functions:

A tentative list of deadlines and dates:

Your Responsibilities:

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