36-720: Discrete Multivariate Analysis
First Mini, Fall 2007

Instructor:			Grader:
Brian Junker, Statistics	Cindy Yang, Statistics
132E Baker Hall			Baker/Porter 117
268-8874			268-7160
brian@stat.cmu.edu		xitingy@stat.cmu.edu

Office Hours:			Office Hours:
right after class               Mon 130-220, FMSB 320
or by appointment               or by appointment

This course meets M W 10:30 - 11:50 in BH 232Q [conference room].

  - First class Mon Aug 27.
  - Meet in DeGroot Library Wed Sep 05 only.

Required Text:

  Christensen, R. (1997).  Log-linear models and logistic regression.
  2nd Ed.  NY: Springer.  Hardcover.  ISBN 0-387-98247-7

  Data sets from Christensen's text can be found here.

Recommended Text: 

  Edwards, D. (2000).  Introduction to graphical modeling.  2nd Ed.
  NY: Springer.  Hardcover.  ISBN 0-387-95054-0  

  Software at Edwards' Website.

A syllabus can be found here.

Each week I will try to put links to weekly course materials (lecture
notes, homework assignments, etc.), here:

   week01 hw01 (with solutions)
   week03 hw02 
   week05 hw03 
   week07 hw04