36-905: Seminar on Sampling and Inference
Mini A2, Fall 2008

Steve Fienberg, Statistics	Brian Junker, Statistics
132G Baker Hall			132E Baker Hall
268-2723			268-8874
fienberg@stat.cmu.edu		brian@stat.cmu.edu

Office hours immediately after class or by appointment.
Please call or send email to arrange for a specific time.

This seminar meets MW 02:30PM--03:50PM, in 232Q Baker

This seminar is a reading club on the topics of survey sampling and 
inference.  Papers will be suggested by both the instructors and the
seminar participants, and assigned to participants to present.  All
seminar participants are expected to read the papers and bring
interesting questions or observations on the readings to each seminar

There are no recommended or required books for this course.  Reasonable
background reading for this course might include:

  Groves, R. M., Fowler, F. J. Jr., Couper, M. P., Lepkowski,
  J. M., Singer, E. and Tourangeau, R. (2004). Survey
  Methodology (paperback).  New York: Wiley.  ISBN:
  978-0471483489. ($58.10 at Amazon.com) 

  Converse, J. M. & Presser, S. (1986). Survey Questions:
  Handcrafting the Standardized Questionnaire (paperback).  Sage
  Publications Inc. ISBN: 978-0803927438. ($14.42 at Amazon.com)

  Kalton, G. (1983). Introduction to Survey Sampling
  (paperback).  Sage Publications, Inc. ISBN:
  978-0803921269. ($16.61 at Amazon.com)

  Lohr, S. (1999).  Sampling: Design And Analysis. (hardcover).
  Duxbury Press.  ISBN: 978-0534353612. ($143.00 at Amazon.com)

We will spend at least part of the time considering material from

  Sarndal, C.E. Swensson, B. and Wertman, J.(1992) Model Assisted Survey 
  Sampling, Spring-Verlag, New York.

A syllabus might eventually be available here.

Until we get organized with papers, here's a general "dump" of papers
that we will be considering:


N.b., the papers and things contained under the above links are only
tentative for now.  Some reformulation will occur over the next several