Homework Assignment #10

Statistics 220, Fall 2005

Due November 23 [i.e., in my mailbox before Thanksgiving break]]

Show your work! Partial credit will be given on the basis of your work; writing down the answer without showing your work will get you no credit.

Note: Problems marked "M" are ones where you'll probably want to use Minitab, or some similar program. The others can definitely be done by hand (in a reasonable amount of time).

Regular Problems from Devore:

  1. Problem 12.4 (M)
  2. Problem 12.16 (M)
  3. Problem 12.18
  4. Problem 12.33
  5. Problem 12.59 (M)

Extra Credit Problems from Devore

  1. Problem 12.19 (M)
  2. Problem 12.20
  3. Problem 12.38
  4. Problem 12.83 (M)