Homework Assignment #9

Statistics 220, Fall 2005

Due November 16

Show your work! Partial credit will be given on the basis of your work; writing down the answer without showing your work will get you no credit.

Note 1: In these hypothesis testing problems, be sure to include a statement of your conclusions in terms of the problem situation --- a sentence which you could expect your boss, who has not taken statistics, to understand. (Not just "we accept the null", but "children aren't hurt by wooden toys any more often than plastic ones", or whatever is appropriate.)

Note 2: You should be able to do all these problems with the tables in the book, but you can certainly use Minitab, or any other software.

Regular Problems from Devore:

  1. Problem 8.54
  2. Problem 8.58
  3. Problem 8.61
  4. Problem 8.62
  5. Problem 9.10
  6. Problem 9.40

Extra Credit Problems from Devore:

  1. Problem 8.68
  2. Problem 8.75
  3. Problem 9.7
  4. Problem 9.32