Statistics 36-835: Statistical Models and Methods for Networks

Stephen E. Fienberg
132G Baker Hall
Telephone:  8-2723

Seminar Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday, 3pm to 4:20pm,  BH232Q


To review the probability and statistical liture on network models and methods.

To explore interactions among different approaches and open research problems.   


Statistics 36-756 or permission of instructor.

Grading Requirement: 

All students participating in the seminar will be asked to organize and lead discussion in at least one  session.

Some Sources:

Suggested Texts

Rick Durrett (2007) Random Graph Dynamics,  Cambridge University Press

Mark Newman, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Duncan J. Watts (eds.) (2007) The Structure and Dynamics of Networks,  Princeton UP--paperback.
   Photo of: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi   

Airoldi, Edoardo M., Blei, David M.,  Fienberg, Stephen E.,  Goldenberg, Anna, Xing, Eric, and Zheng, Alice (eds.) (2007)  Statistical Network Analysis: Models, Issues, and New Directions: ICML 2006 Workshop on Statistical Network Analysis, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, June 29, 2006,  Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4503, Springer-Verlag.
preliminary version.

Supplementary Books and Materials

Fan Chung and Linyuan Lu (2007) Complex Graphs and Networks, American Mathematical Society.  First three chapters are available at:

Selected materials on statistical methods for exponential random graph
models and stochastic blockmodels for mixed membership.


August 28:  Introduction

August 30:  Simple Random Graph Model:  Erdos-Renyi (1960);


                    Chung and Lu, Chapter 5

                    .Fan Chung Photo

                    Durrett , Chapter 2

                    Small World Problem:  Travers and Milgram (1969)

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September 4:  Simple Random Graph Model (cont.)
                        New papers on the Small World Problem:

                                   Harrison White (1970) Social Forces

                                    Fienberg-Lee (1975) Psychometrika

                                    Kleinfeld, The Small World Problem, Society, 39(2), 61-66 (2002).

                                     Watts (2003) Science

September 6:  No class

September 11:  Continuation with Durrett, Chapter 2, Epidemic Models

September 13:  No Class  (Rosh Hashanna)

September 18:  Durrett, finish Chapter 2

                       Dan Heinz will lead a presentation of p1 based on
                          Holland and Leinhardt (1981) JASA;
                          with discussion by BreigerFienberg and Wasserman, Frank, and Haberman and a Rejoinder.

Historic Photo of the MSSB Symposium on Social Networks, Dartmouth, Sept 18,21, 1975

Row 1: A. Stan Wasserman, B. Jim Davis, C. Sam Leinhardt, D. Charles Proctor, E. Peter Killworth, F. Russ Bernard, F. Russ Bernard, G. Doc Cartwright, H. Tony Coxon, I. Pat Doreian

Row 2: J. Paul Holland, K. Ed Laumann, L. Donald Ploch, M. Ove Frank, N. Mark Granovetter, O. Richard Roistacher, P. Bo Anderson, Q. Clyde Mitchell
Row 3: R. Joel Levine, S. Nick Mullins, T. Grace Heider, U. Ken Land, V. Harrison White, W. Robert Norman,

Row 4: X. Frank Harary, Y. Walter Sedelow, Z. Jack Hunter, 1. Fritz Heider, 2. T. Seyama, 3. Ev Rogers, 4. Nancie Gonzalez

Row 5: 5. Bob Abelson, 6. Doug White, 7. Chris Winship, 8. Claude Flament

Row 6: 9. John Barnes, 10. Chuck Hubbell, 11. Norm Whitten, 12. Richard Dietrich grad student, 13. Chris Visminas grad student

September 20:  Dan Heinz continues with p*

September 25:  More on p1 and p* and their properties - Fienberg

                           Frank and Strauss (1986)

                            Strauss & Ikeda (1992)

                           Wasserman & Pattison (1996)

                            Special 2007 issue of Social Networks on p*

September 27:  No class

October 2:   Stochastic models for longitudinal network data --discussion led by Justin Gross

                Wasserman 1980, Analyzing Social Networks as Stochastic Processes (JASA)

                            Wasserman 1980, A Stochastic Model for Directed Graphs with Transition Rates Determined by Reciprocity (Soc Methodology)

                            Snijders 2005, Models for Longitudinal Network Data (in Carrington, Scott, Wasserman, but available at

October 4:  continuation of discussion from Tuesday, with Justin Gross
                            Singer and Spilerman (1973-1974) Sociological Methodology

                            Singer and Spilerman (1976)

                            Singer (1981)

October 9:   Sampling models for networks,

                            Granovetter (1976)

                            Rothenberg (1995)

                           Salganik and Heckathorn (2004)

October 11:  Continuation of discussion of sampling models for networks.

                            Hancock and Gile (2007)

                            Michael P. H. Stumpf, Carsten Wiuf and Robert M. May, "Subnets of scale-free networks are not scale-free:
                            Sampling properties of networks", PNAS 102 (2005): 4221--4224

                            Wiuf and Stumpf PhysRev (2005)                           

October 16:  Special Seminar:  In place of our regular meeting there is a seminar in the School of Computer Science, Intelligence Seminar
                     ( by Michael Kearns (Univ. of Pennsylvania.) on "Behavioral Games on Networks",
in Wean 5409.

October 18:   Continuation of discussion on sampling, models and inference, especially from

                               Wiuf and Stumpf PhysRev (2005)  

                               Leskovec and Faloutsos (2006)

October 23:  Cosma Shalizi




October 25:  Cosma Shalizi  (continuation from October 23)

October 30:  David Friedenberg

                          Identity and Search in Social Networks by Watts, Dodds and Newman (2002).

                          An ExperimentalStudy of Search in Global Social Networks by Dodds, Muhamed, and Watts (2003)

November 1:  Special Seminar on topic of Population Size Estimation, 3-5pm, BH 154R.

November 6:  Eunice Kim, preferential attachment models (Durrett Chapter 4)

                            readings to be circulated

November 8:  Xiting "Cindy" Yang, small world model
                             readings to be circulated

November 13:   Readings from Durrett, Chapters 4 and 5

November 15:  Han Liu: Hanncock, Raftery and Tantrum (JRSSA 2007)

November 20:  No class (Thanksgiving break)

November 22:  No class (Thanksgiving day)

November 27:  Mary McGlohon, Barabasi vs. Stouffer et al.

November 29:  Daniel Manrique:  Stochastic blockmodels for mixed membership

December 4:  Avranil Sarkar, anayysis of a data set from David Krackardt

December 6:  no class

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