1. How do I make a movie out of gif files? Adapt John Scott's code in mood.html, and perhaps use the gifs in this directory .
  2. How do I make a map in HTML so the user can click on different parts of a picture to navigate my website? In the HP Unix environment, use vueicon (in /usr/vue/bin/) to draw the picture that you want the user to see. Save this with the default .pm extension. Convert this to a .gif file by running xv, clicking the right mouse button on the image to get the menu window, left clicking the "save" function, changing the file type from "XPM" to "GIF" and saving under the new name "somemapfile.gif". Then do something like this in your HTML file:
         <map name="MyMenu">
         <area shape="RECT" coords="0,0,47,18" href="SplusTips.html">
         <area shape="RECT" coords="48,0,80,18" href="SASTips.html">
         <area shape="RECT" coords="81,0,122,18" href="UnixTips.html">
         <area shape="RECT" coords="123,0,165,18" href="WorkAtHome.html">
         <a href=".index.html"> <img src="somemapfile.gif" usemap="#MyMenu"></a>
    The 4 numbers in the "coords" are the upper left (x,y) and lower right (x,y) for the rectangle that the user will click on to go to the "href". Coordinates are in pixels, starting at (0,0) in the upper left of the image. For more info, see this document .

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