MPI Tips


Unix command to show node loads (just number of processes; defunct processes may also be listed):
mpdlistjobs | grep node | cut --delim="=" --fields=2 | cut --delim="." --fields=1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -r

Unix command to show a sorted list of actual loads (least used are at the top):
gstat -a

Unix command to create a machine list sorted by load:
gstat -a -m > machinelist

Marnie's tip for checking what processes are running on all of the hydras:
Here is little script to check the 8 hydra machines and print the processes that are running, along with their priority and nice status and time running and percent cpu. The script getprocesses is here.

In order to use this, you need to implement SIN tip 7 on "using keys to login to SiN machines without entering a password".

To run the script, but it in your bin directory (or whereever you will run it). Do a chmod +x getprocesses to make it executable. Then run getprocesses | more.

Working examples

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