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Code for converting windows extended ascii format text (e.g., save as .txt from MSWord):

  # (Windows-1252 converts \0x92 to \x{2019} for MSWord's apostrophe, etc)
  open(TEXT, "<:encoding(Windows-1252)", $textFile) or die("Cannot read ".$textFile);
  while (my $inp=) {
    # convert MSWord apostrophes to ascii (hexdump shows X92/91 which are blindly 
    #                                    converted to E28099)
    $inp =~ s/[\x{2019}\x{2018}]/\'/g;
    # convert MSWord ellipses to ascii (hexdump shows X85 which is blindly converted
    #                                 to E280A6)
    $inp =~ s/\x{2026}/.../g;
    # convert MSWord quotes to ascii (hexdump shows X93/94 which are blindly converted
    #                                 to E2809C/9D)
    $inp =~ s/[\x{201C}\x{201D}]/\"/g;

    # rest of code
  close TEXT;

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