About Me

I graduated from Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley in May 2010 under supervision of Professor Peter Bickel. I worked at Google as a statistician for one year before I joined the Statistics Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

Here are links to my cv and an image showing my name in Chinese characters.

Research Interest

My main research area is statistical theory and methodology, including

  • analyzing statistical properties of some popular methods and algorithms in machine learning and engineering, such as the particle filter, spectral clustering, and sparse PCA;
  • developing new statistical methods that are suitable for high-dimensional, complex data, including dimension reduction, regression, clustering, hypothesis testing, etc;
  • understanding the meaning and properties of relevant concepts and methods in related fields from a statistical perspective, such as data privacy, data assimilation, and conformal prediction. These insights will usually lead to useful improvements or modifications.

I am also working on applied problems in astronomy and genetics, using nonparametric smoothing, network estimation, and multiple testing techniques.

Currently Teaching

Spring 2017: 36-752, Advanced Probability Overview.