lidar {SemiPar} R Documentation LIDAR data Description The |lidar| data frame has 221 observations from a light detection and ranging (LIDAR) experiment. Usage data(lidar) Format This data frame contains the following columns: range distance travelled before the light is reflected back to its source. logratio logarithm of the ratio of received light from two laser sources. Source Sigrist, M. (Ed.) (1994). /Air Monitoring by Spectroscopic Techniques/ (Chemical Analysis Series, vol. 197). New York: Wiley. References Ruppert, D., Wand, M.P. and Carroll, R.J. (2003) /Semiparametric Regression/ Cambridge University Press. Examples library(SemiPar) data(lidar) attach(lidar) plot(range,logratio) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Package Contents] <00Index.html>