Statistical Computing: Spring 2018

Statistics 36-350

Instructor: Ryan Tibshirani (ryantibs at cmu dot edu)
Associate Instructor: Kevin Lin (kevinl1 at andrew dot cmu dot edu)

Important note: please direct inquiries on all course related matters to Associate Instructor Kevin Lin. The subject line of all emails should begin with "[36-350]".

Tanguy Dauphin (tdauphin at andrew dot cmu dot edu)
Taylor Pospisil (tpospisi at andrew dot cmu dot edu)
Shamindra Shrotriya (sshrotri at andrew dot cmu dot edu)

Lecture times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1:20pm, Baker Hall A51

Office hours:
RT: Mondays 3-4pm, Wednesdays 2-3pm, Fridays 1-2pm in Baker Hall 229B
TD: Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm in Baker 232K
TP: Fridays 4-5pm in Wean 4625
SS: Thursdays 10-11am in Baker 132Q

Syllabus: here. Discussions: Piazza group.

Class schedule


Supplementary materials

Supplementary textbooks on R programming: Online resources for R programming: Top