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On this homework, you can collaborate with your classmates, but you must identify their names above, and you must submit your own homework as an knitted HTML file on Canvas, by Sunday 10pm, this week.

Random Generation

AB Testing

A common data science task is to analyze the results of an AB test. AB tests are essentially controlled experiments: we obtain data from two different conditions such as the different versions of your website to try to determine which condition gives /better/ results.

Bradley-Terry Model

It’s almost March madness time so let’s simulate some tournaments. One model of competition is the Bradley-Terry model. Each team is assigned an ability score (team \(i\) has score \(z_{i}\), team \(j\) has score \(z_{j}\), etc). Then for each game the probability that team \(i\) defeats team \(j\) is \(\frac{z_{i}}{z_{i} + z_{j}}\).