It's blogging time

First post!

Since I have successfully survived my first year of grad school, I’ve decided to start blogging while working on my various projects. I’m doing this to: (1) share what I’m working on (instead of just tweeting), (2) learn by attempting to write instructive blog posts, and (3) because multiple people keep telling me this is a good idea… we’ll find out.

Hopefully you’ll find my posts useful and educational, as I’ll be providing R code thanks to the incredible blogdown package by Yihui Xie (more info here). I’ll also be posting here any substantial updates made to the nflscrapR and nflWAR packages (HINT: there will be several this summer).

Yes, there will be sports posts - but there will be plenty of non-sports posts related to projects I’m working on like clustering, multilevel models, copulas, and various programming exercises. NIMBLE anyone?

Also I’m hoping to keep receiving feedback on what I’m working on and any post I write. As the number of posts I write goes up, the probability I write something completely wrong approaches one - so don’t hesitate to correct me! Feel free to reach out to me on twitter or email, contact info here.

Stay tuned for more!

Ron Yurko
PhD Student in Statistics & Data Science

My research interests include developing selective inference methodology for applications in statistical genetics and genomics, as well as clustering problems and research on statistics in sports.