About Me

I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University.


PhD, Statistics, CMU, 2015
MS, Statistics, CMU, 2011
BS, Computational Finance and Statistics, CMU, 2010


Research:  Below is a selection of my current and past research projects

  • Record linkage / entity resolution / duplicate detection / data matching / disambiguation (with applications in human rights, government, and sports datasets)
  • Clustering (when the number of clusters is large, when multiple estimates of pairwise dissimilarity exist)
  • Classification and Prediction (specifically, prediction with classifier ensembles)
  • Synthetic ecosystems (for use in modeling the spread of infectious diseases)
  • Sports (player evaluation in hockey, player and coach evaluation in football, model-based clustering for pitch classification in baseball)


Teaching:  In Fall 2015, I am teaching 36-217 Probability Theory and Random Processes.  This course provides an introduction to probability theory, intended for students in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Topics include elementary probability theory, conditional probability and independence, random variables, distribution functions, joint and conditional distributions, limit theorems, Poisson processes, and Markov chains.

For more information about my teaching and research experiences, please see my CV.




Contact:  Please see my CV for contact information.