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Headquartered at Carnegie Mellon University, the Delphi research group was founded in 2012 to advance the theory and practice of epidemic forecasting. Our long term mission, simply put, is to make epidemic forecasting as widely accepted and useful as weather forecasting is today.

We are looking to grow, especially at the top. We would like to welcome new faculty to join us in leading the group (now ~20 FTEs and growing) in the coming decade. Delphi is in a critical growth phase. Pre-pandemic our focus was seasonal influenza, and in 2019 we became a CDC Center of Excellence in Influenza Forecasting (one of two nationally). Since early 2020 we have been concentrating on COVID, and have built the nation's largest repository of diverse, geographically-detailed, real-time indicators of COVID-19 activity in the U.S., used regularly by public health officials, government agencies, data journalists, healthcare companies, financial firms, and fellow modelers for nowcasting and forecasting.

Our highest priority in the near future is to develop and test the technology and science that are urgently needed for national epidemic tracking and forecasting, and that we believe we are in a position to do well. Our plan is to continue to develop, maintain, and innovate in the areas of auxiliary surveillance, nowcasting, and forecasting. We practice open science and make all data, code and tools freely and openly available to the greatest extent allowed. To learn more about Delphi, you can check out our one-pager.

We are open to faculty at any rank and any track that fits their interests and background:

• Tenure-track (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor).
• Research-track (Assistant Research Professor, Associate Research Professor, Research Professor). Research-track faculty at CMU have the same rights and responsibilities as tenure-track faculty. They may supervise PhD students, attend faculty meetings, serve as principal investigators on research proposals, etc. They are not required to teach, though they may choose to do so.
• Systems-track (Systems Scientist, Senior Systems Scientist, and Principal Systems Scientist). Somewhat similar to the research-track, but focuses on development of large innovative systems.

Please make sure to specify in your cover letter which track(s) you are interested in being considered for.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022 to Monday, July 11, 2022