Department of Statistics Unitmark
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
May 9, 2012, 12:00AM
  • Best Oral Presentation of a Honors Thesis:
    "Incorporating Flexibility into the Normalized Cut Image Segmentation Algorithm"
    Yi Xiang Chong
    Advisor: Rebecca Nugent
  • 1st place poster:
    Anti-Piracy Laws and Box Office Sales: A Case Study in France
    Brandon Ngiam, Carl Sturges, Anna Svirsko
    Advisor: Bill Eddy
  • 2nd place poster:
    Reducing Costs for the Port Authority
    Mike Pane, Nick Rock, George Volinchenko
    Advisor: Bill Eddy
  • 3rd place poster:
    Analysis of Pittsburgh Bus Schedule and Data
    Shirui Hu, Eliot Knudsen, I-Ta Yang
    Advisor: Bill Eddy
  • Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

    Analysis of Film Distributor's iTunes Promotion
    Liz Lorenzi, Joon Su Min, Laura Patzer
    Advisor: Bill Eddy

    Census on Parking Meters at Carnegie Mellon University
    Nancy Geronian, Jung Moon Jang, Jeff Lee, Kaylee Makel, Victor Wilczynski
    Advisor: Brian Junker

    Internet Piracy at CMU: Student Behavior & Opinions
    Cam Bogie, Ben Gorman, Chelsea Grindle, Jongwoo Lee, George Nardi, George Volinchenko
    Advisor: Brian Junker