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Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Showcase Winners

And the winners were:

1st place: The Avocado-Apocalypse by Hannah Douglas, Sweta Kotha, Jonathan Wang, Stuart Wilkins
2nd place: Global Terrorism by Yurong Li, Xinyu Ma, Xinzhe Qi, Jingyan Xu
3rd place: Did the Orlando Nightclub Shooting Affect the Florida State Patrol’s Stopping Behavior? A Pre-Causal Analysis by Carlo Duffy, Ryan Labriola, Yedin Liu

Early Research:
Classifying Kepler Objects of Interest by Andrew Furlong, James Lederman, Lajja Pancholy, Ananya Vasudev
Advised by Peter Freeman

Advanced Research:
Text Analysis of U.S. Congressional Records by Adam Behnke, James Mahler, Parvathi Meyyappan, Youna Song
Advised by Dani Nedal and Zach Branson

DSI Corporate Capstone:
1st place: Natural Language Processing for Receipt Classification by Richard Chun, Andrew Gu, Malik Khan, Taewan Kim, Eva Zhong
Collaboration with The NPD Group, advised by Yufei Yi and Peter Freeman

Hon Men: Predicting Customer Segmentation from Transactional Data by Rahul Ahuja, Hanyue Chai, Aayush Jain, Chenxiang Zhang
Collaboration with Giant Eagle, advised by Nil-Jana Akpinar and Peter Freeman

Sports Analytics:
Carnegie Mellon Softball Pitcher Efficiency (App) by Gautam Goel, Scott Steinberg
Collaboration with CMU Softball, advised by Rebecca Nugent

Independent Study:
A Data-Driven Approach to Finding an Edge in the NBA Betting Markets by Reed Peterson
Advised by John Lehoczky

Honors Thesis:
Augmenting Tennis Point Stochastic Modeling Utilizing Spatiotemporal Shot Data by Corey Emery
Collaboration with USTA, advised by Peter Freeman