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S&DS and Data Science Club Welcomed Hadley Wickham

His work includes packages for data science (the tidy verse: including ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, purrr, and readr) and principled software development (roxygen2, testthat, devtools, pkgdown). He is also a writer, educator, and speaker promoting the use of R for data science. Learn more on his website,

"For a long time, I've wondered exactly what it is that I do. It’s obvious that I don't develop new mathematical theory, and while I do a lot of software development, it feels like software is only part of what I produce. I spend a lot of time thinking about how data analysis should "feel" and how the various pieces should fit together in order to provide a cohesive experience. Recently, thanks to prompting from Hilary Parker, I've realised that perhaps what I do most is design: the study of the human-made world, and development of practical, empathic, and useful tools. In this talk, I'll discuss the importance of design in my work, how it has shaped my career, and some of my greatest successes and failures."

The Statistics & Data Science Department and the Data Science Club thanks everyone for attending.