Spring/Summer 2019

Group meetings are for students and faculty at CMU and UPitt.
The STAMPS webinars are open to everyone.

July 1 - Ann Lee #

Likelihood Free Inference and Validation

May 17 - Pratik Patil #

Uncertainty Quantification in Atmospheric CO2 Retrieval from Satellite Data

April 26 - Stacie Rohrbach and Kyuha Shim #

Challenges in Data Visualization

April 19 - Tudor Manole #

Background Modeling for Double Higgs Production via Optimal Transport.

April 12 - Fred Bingham #

Cooking the GOOS: Our increasingly sophisticated network of ocean observations and its use in the detection of climate change

April 5 - Yao-Yuan Mao #

Searching for nearby faint galaxies in astronomical imaging datasets

March 1 - CMU Design Department #

Topics in Visualization

February 15 - Dorit Hammerling #

Compression of Climate Model Data

February 1 - Patrick Bryant #

Statistical Methods Used in New Physics Searches at the Large Hadron Collider

January 18 - Mikael Kuusela #

Current Research and Opening Questions for Particle Physics