Spring 2024

Webinars are open to all interested members of the scientific community.

Program Committee: Mikael Kuusela, Ann B. Lee, Larry Wasserman
Coordinator and Webmaster: Mike Stanley

Webinars are held monthly, unless otherwise stated, at 1:30-2:30 PM Eastern Time (10:30-11:30AM PT, 6:30-7:30PM UK)

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February 16: Ashley Villar (Harvard) #

Title: Time-domain Astrophysics in the Era of Big Data
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March 22: Matthias Katzfuss (University of Wisconsin, Madison) #

Title: Non-Gaussian Emulation of Climate Models via Scalable Bayesian Transport Maps
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April 5: Wouter Verkerke (University of Amsterdam / Nikhef) #

NOTE: We will start this meeting exceptionally at 1pm EDT.
Title: Uncertainty modeling in particle physics
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April 19: Mark Risser (LBNL) #

Title: Detecting multiple anthropogenic forcing agents for attribution of regional precipitation change
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