Preparing at Carnegie Mellon for an Actuarial Career

Added 25 August 2021: The information below is quite outdated. CMU does not have a formal degree or degree track in actuarial science. If you are interested in a degree preparing you for a career as an actuary, please check out these resources: If you are already at CMU and you are curious about how to prepare yourself for a career as an actuary, you may be interested in

Actuaries are statistical/financial engineers employed by insurance companies, investment firms, employee benefits consulting firms, and other types of companies that need to quantify (put a price tag on) financial risks.

Most actuaries have at least an undergraduate degree and all must pass a series of examinations in order to work in the profession. The first four exams are common to all actuarial careers:

and the remaining exams depend on your particular career path.

To prepare for a career as an actuary, the actuarial societies recommend any broad-based undergraduate program that concentrates on business and mathematics, and in particular suggest you take

Here at Carnegie Mellon a major in Statistics with a concentration in Business would expose you naturally to all of these courses. Or you might want to do a double major in Business Administration and Statistics. Another reasonable option would be a major in Math with a concentration in Statistics.

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