Heidi's Latex Tip Database

documentremove page numbers from a documentPut \pagestyle{empty} in the preamble.
fontbold faceUse {\bf xxxx}
get graphic from pdfhow to cut a figure from a pdf and make a ps, eps, pdf etc.In acrobat, go to tools - select and zoom - snapshot Select the figure, it automatically copies to the clipboard. Close acrobat - open Photoshop and select file - open from clipboard - then just save it in the format you want.
MetaPostHow do i draw a venn diagramhttp://www.stat.cmu.edu/~hseltman/LatexTips.html#DrawMeta
misc.to put x number of slides on one page:psnup -4 -r foo.ps > foo2.ps ^ or -2 (the -r put the pages in reverse order)
table of contentsremove dotted lines in X entries - where X is section/subsection/subsubsection, etc.\usepackage{tocloft}
X =
chap, sec, subsec, subsubsec