shinyTex: A LaTeX oriented authoring system for Shiny


ShinyTex is a system for authoring interactive World Wide Web applications (apps) which includes the full capabilities of the R statistical language, particularly in the context of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). It uses a modified version of the LaTeX syntax that is standard for document creation among mathematicians and statisticians. It is built on the Shiny platform, an extension of R designed by RStudio to produce web apps. The goal is to provide an easy to use TEL authoring environment with excellent mathematical and statistical support using only free software. ShinyTex authoring can be performed on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Users may view the app on any system with a standard web browser.



The R Package

Current version is 0.0-15.


As explained in the manual, for authoring and working on your own computer, you can setup your working directory using the shinyTex function setupShinyTex() once per directory.

For deployment on a Shiny server, the shinyTex R package is not required. The requirements for running apps created by shinyTex in Shiny are to place shinyTexAux.R in the working directory and shinyTex.css in a "www" subdirectory. (If you created your app with an old version of shinyTex, you may need the corresponding versions of these files, which are located in the "special" folder of the shinyTex installation folder on your computer.)

Sample apps

Template: shinyTexTemplate.tex


Thanks to Annie Zhang for testing and many helpful comments and corrections.

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