All of Statistics

A Concise Course in Statistical Inference

by Larry Wasserman


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Errata (last updated April 3 2013)

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R stuff

Here is a bunch of undocumented R code for the book.
I plan to fix it up and document it. Right now, it is very rough. Use at your own risk.

Download R

R code for exercises and examples: Coming Soon

Introduction to R (Postscript)

Introduction to R (pdf)

modified bandwidth function: allows you to get the risk as a function of bandwidth


Forensic Glass Data

Spam Data

Earthquakes in Fiji

Nerve Firings

Cloud Seeding

Old Faithful Geyser

Car Mileage

Coronary Risk-Factor Study (CORIS) (Heart Disease Data)

Age and Financial Status of Montana Residents

Motorcycle Data

Temperature and Latitude Data

Calcium and Blood Pressure

Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data from WMAP

Redshift data

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