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Who I Am:

I am an Associate Teaching Professor in Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Statistics & Data Science, as well as co-director of its undergraduate program.

My primary pedagogical interest is undergraduate research, particularly early undergraduate research (freshmen and sophomores). I have developed and/or am heavily involved in the following classes:

Currently I am interested in (a) quantitatively (and qualitatively) assessing the impact of providing statistical practice opportunities to early undergraduates, (b) providing resources that will allow other institutions to provide early opportunities for statistical practice, and (c) developing materials to introduce STEM students and professionals to sound statistical practice.

Outside of pedagogy, my research focuses on interesting problems in astrostatistics. I work with a number of professors in the department who have a long-standing interest in the field:

I also collaborate with faculty at the McWilliams Center for Cosmology as well as astronomers and cosmologists at the University of Pittsburgh.

Astrostatistics Projects

I am working or have worked on problems in astrostatistics:

Publicly Available Software

See my GitHub site.

Classes at CMU

I am teaching or have taught these undergraduate classes:

Curriculum Vitae

Carnegie Mellon University Department of Statistics & Data Science