For this proposal, you must have formed a group of 2-3 members, and each group should submit a single write up. This write up must include a clear description of your project in its relationship to optimization. It is ok to build on prior work, but you must clearly state what portion of the project is novel and has not yet been completed.

Your write up should include an outline of all that is to be done and a rough timeline for completion. Your outline should be optimistic in the sense that if completed you would consider your project to be perfect. Separately, you should describe the minimum you could complete and still consider your project successful.

The write up should also include what resources are required, such as data sets and external software packages, and how they will be attained.

If you're having difficulty finding a project partner, we've set up a project interest spreadsheet. Please use the spreadsheet to advertise any topics or specific projects you're interested to work on, and check regularly to see if any other students are advertising projects you might like. If you can't find a project partner by the deadline, please submit an individual project proposal, and highlight the fact that you're still looking for a partner. Once we receive all proposals, we'll try to match you with somebody close to your interests.

We will provide feedback on your proposals and assign each group a TA mentor. Keep this in mind when constructing your write up so that we can provide you with the most valuable feedback possible.