Your poster should present all aspects of your project. That is, it should motivate your problem, describe your solution and display your results. You will present your poster to at least one instructor and your TA mentor. To ensure that we have enough time to properly evaluate all students, please keep your presentation to no more than 10 minutes. (That means, plan on a 5 minute presentation or so, since we're sure to have questions.)

Please be sure that you clearly present the connection of your project to optimization and the concepts you learned from class. You should state what work is your own and reference prior work that you build on. Be sure that all your figures are clear, using large lines and labelled in a big font.

Your final project grade will be based in part on the poster presentation. And, of course, we'll have an easier time understanding your project report if you give a good presentation at your poster: that is, you can use the poster to emphasize important results and to clarify some of the details that may otherwise be hard to convey through text.