Due: Tues Nov 10 at 4pm. Weight: 15% (of final project grade)

For this progress report, your write up should include a preliminary review of related literature and work. You should aim to demonstrate that you understand the related approaches, even if you have chosen a different approach.

By this time, you should have figured out the "how-to-do" part of the project. The report should have an updated plan of activities for the rest of the project, including any plans for validation of your ideas such as experiments. It should be limited to 5 pages, excluding references, and should be in NIPS 2015 style.

Submit an anonymized copy (without your names) through the EasyChair system, by 4pm. See here for more information on this.

Grading rubric: introduction (10%), clear problem statement (10%), method (40%), plan for the next steps (30%), writing (10%).