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Part I

Plot basics

Plotting in R

Base R has a set of powerful plotting tools. An overview:

The ggplot2 package also provides very nice (and very different) plotting tools; we won’t cover it in this course (it tends to be the focus in Statistical Graphics, 36-315)

Scatter plot

To make a scatter plot of one variable versus another, use plot()

n = 50
x = sort(runif(n, min=-2, max=2))
y = x^3 + rnorm(n)
plot(x, y)

Plot type

The type argument controls the plot type. Default is p for points; set it to l for lines

plot(x, y, type="p")

plot(x, y, type="l")

Try also b or o, for both points and lines


The main argument controls the title; xlab and ylab are the x and y labels

plot(x, y, main="A noisy cubic") # Note the default x and y labels

plot(x, y, main="A noisy cubic", xlab="My x variable", ylab="My y variable")