Aaditya Ramdas - Group

Current Group

Eugene Katsevich (postdoc, StatDS, joint with Kathryn Roeder)

Ojash Neopane (PhD student, 2nd year MLD, joint with Aarti Singh)

Chirag Gupta (PhD student, 2nd year MLD)

Jaehyok Shin (PhD student, 5th year StatDS, joint with Alessandro Rinaldo)

Jinjin Tian (PhD student, 2nd year StatDS)

Boyan Duan (PhD student, 4th year StatDS, joint with Larry Wasserman)


Ian Waudby-Smith (PhD advanced data analysis project 2019-20, StatDS)

Nil-jana Akpinar (PhD advanced data analysis project 2018-19, StatDS, joint with Umut Acar)


Shenghao Wu (PhD rotation 2018-19, Stat/PNC, joint with Leila Wehbe)

Asaf Weinstein (postdoc 2018-19, StatDS, joint with Matan Gavish)