The Data Science Experience

Why take a course in Data Science when you can Experience it?
Hosted by the Department of Statistics & Data Science, the Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Data Science Experience is an umbrella program of optional activities that immerses high school students attending Carnegie Mellon during the summer session into the world of Data Science.

The CMU AP/EA (Pre-College) program enrolls an extremely talented class of high school students who take two college-level courses in a wide range of topics including STEM, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Students are exposed to research projects through the CMU Undergraduate Research Office Summer Research Fellowship program. There is also a strong diversity outreach component and local community engagement.

Drawing strength from CMU's Simon Initiative and strong commitment to improving learning outcomes through cross-disciplinary research and technology-enhanced learning, the Data Science Experience is a connected set of opportunities to learn about how data science can be harnessed to answer questions across all disciplines. Activities are optional and cover broad topics with something for everyone. Students will be able to participate regardless of experience or background. Data sets, code, analyses, and resources will be maintained and available to all during and after the program. Explore the side menus to learn more!

Questions about the Data Science Experience? Contact Rebecca Nugent or Gordon Weinberg.