Preprints and Unpublished Manuscripts


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  • Kim., J., Shin, J., Rinaldo, A. and Wasserman, L. (2017). Confidence sets for persistent homology of the KDE filtration. pdf

Unpublished Monograph

  • Rinaldo, A. (2006). Computing Maximum Likelihood Estimates in Log-Linear Models. Manuscript proposing computational procedures for extended maximum likelihood estimation (extracted from my PhD thesis). draft pdf. A small MATLAB toolbox implementing some of the routines described in the document, which was written for testing purposes, is also available here (without any warranty!).

Unpublished Manuscripts

  • Kim, N. and Rinaldo, A. (2017). Community Detection on Ego Networks via Mutual Friend Counts. pdf

  • Kim, N. and Rinaldo, A. (2017). Edge-Induced Sampling from Graphons. pdf

  • Chen,Y.C., Wang, D., Rinaldo, A. and Wasserman, L. (2015). Statistical Analysis of Persistence Intensity Functions. arXiv

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