About Me

I graduated from Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley in May 2010 under supervision of Professor Peter Bickel. I worked at Google as a statistician for one year before I joined the Statistics Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

Here are links to my cv and an image showing my name in Chinese characters.

Research Interest

  • Predictive inference: conformal prediction, cross-validation, generalization error.
  • Complex data: networks, sparse PCA.
  • Probability: optimal transport, concentration inequalities, empirical processes.
  • Applications: single cell RNA-sequencing and multi-omics data.

Currently Teaching

Spring 2024: 36462/662, Methods of Statistical Learning.

Editorial Service

Postdoc Position

Professor Kathryn Roeder and I have a postdoc researcher position in statistical theory and methods with applications in genetics. Please see the job post for further details.