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Scientific Storytelling

    • Exaggerated Claims Undermine Science by Ignoring the Scientific Method (July 2020)
    • Uncertainty, Information, and Narrative: A Statistical Perspective on Scientific Storytelling (March 2019)

Statistical Models of the Brain

Statistical Models of the Brain is a course in computational neuroscience I began teaching in 2011. Brent Doiron co-taught it with me on 4 occasions, 2016-2019. It has evolved a lot, mainly in terms of refined focus and pedagogy.

A quick video summary (less than 5 minutes) of the Spring 2021 version may be found here: Wrap up

In 2021 I decided to create short video lectures, 15-30 minutes, that students would view prior to class. Topics with links are listed below.

For additional details see the web page on Statistical Models of the Brain.


Statistical Assessment of Interaction Among Brain Regions

Video (25 minutes, created for January 2022 Paris workshop, "Mathematical modeling and statistical analysis in neuroscience")

Fisher Lecture

    Video, one hour, start at 25:15, August 2017