CMU 36-309/749

36-309/749 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences

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Course Information

Syllabus: (pdf file)

Meeting Times:

Lectures: 12:00-1:20 DH2315 (Tuesdays only) 
  [Section A]: Thursdays, 12:00-1:20, Baker 140C and F (TAs: Liz and Rebecca)
  [Section B]: Thursdays, 1:30-2:50, Baker 140F (TA: Carmen)
  [Section C]: Fridays, 12:00-1:20, Baker 140C and F (TA2: Joseph and Jennifer)
  [Section D]: Fridays, 1:30-2:50, Baker 140F (TA: Kevin)
Office Hours: Howard: M 3-4, T 3-4, W 8:30-9:30AM and by appointment in BH232H
              TAs:  (in Wean Hall 8110) Lee: Mondays 5:00-6:00, Amanda: Tuesdays 4:00-5:00
Midterm Exam: Tuesday 10/14 12:00-1:30 (Location: McConomy Auditorium, University Center)
No calculator, one sheet of notes (two sides) allowed. Consider putting this on your sheet: Formula sheet

Final Exam: Dec. 9 1:00-4:00 PM
No calculator allowed. Bring one sheet of notes (two sides allowed).

Staff Information

Professor: Howard Seltman  
TAs: Lee Richardson (Mon. 5PM office hour), Amanda Luby (Tue. 4PM office hour), Liz Liao (Lab A), Rachel McCrory (Lab A), Carmen Khoo (Lab B), Joseph Kim (Lab C), Jennifer Lee (Lab C), Kevin Setzo (Lab D)
36-749 TA: Lee Richardson

Lecture Notes

Intro (August 26): Lec1.pdf     Reading: chapter 1 (brief course overview), chapters 2 and 4 (review), and chapter 5 (new material on SPSS)
Theory with t-test and ANOVA examples (Sept. 2): Lec2.pdf     Reading: chapter 6 (t-test) and chapter 7 (ANOVA)
Experimental Design Principles (Threats) (Sept. 9): Lec3.pdf     Reading: chapter 8 (Threats)
Regression (Sept. 16): Lec4.pdf     Reading: chapter 9 (Regression)
ANCOVA (Sept. 23): Lec5.pdf     Reading: chapter 10 (ANCOVA)
2-way ANOVA (Sept. 30): Lec6.pdf     Reading: chapter 11 (2-way ANOVA)
Midterm Review (Oct. 7): LecMR.pdf
Power (Oct. 21): Lec7.pdf     Reading: chapter 12 (Power)
Contrasts (Oct. 28): Lec8.pdf     Reading: chapter 13 (Contrasts)
Within-Subjects Designs (Nov. 4): Lec9.pdf     Reading: chapter 14 (Within-Subjects Designs)
Categorical Outcomes (Nov. 11): Lec10.pdf     Reading: chapter 16 (Categorical Outcomes)
Hierarchical Linear Models (Nov. 18): Lec11.pdf     Reading: chapter 15 (Mixed Models)
Final Review Lecture (Dec. 2):LecFR.pdf


The text book is on-line at

An alternate textbook choice is Doing Statistics with SPSS by Kerr, Hall and Kozub (Sage Publications, 2002, ISBN 0 7619 7385 0). If you use this book, be sure to print out the Errata.


Lab 1: SPSS and EDA (Aug. 29/30): Lab1.pdf     Download to desktop: Lab1Remainder.sav   Lab1Sol.pdf

Lab 2: Theory with t-test and ANOVA (Sep. 4/5): Read before lab: Lab2Preview.pdf     Lab2.pdf
Download to desktop: rathandling.dat   program.sav   Lab2Sol.pdf

Lab 3: Design Principles and Threats (Sep. 11/12): Read before lab: Lab3Preview.pdf     Lab3.pdf
(For those interested in syntax: Lab3Syntax.pdf)
Download to desktop: ScareMemory.sav   assume.sav   Lab3Sol.pdf

Lab 4: Regression (Sep. 18/19): Read before lab: Lab4Preview.pdf     Lab4.pdf
(For those interested in syntax: Lab4Syntax.pdf)
Download to desktop: string.sav   marigold.dat   Lab4Sol.pdf

Lab 5: ANCOVA (Sep. 25/26): Read before lab: Lab5Preview.pdf     Lab5.pdf
(For those interested in syntax: Lab5Syntax.pdf)
Download to desktop: FearAnger.sav   algebra.sav   Lab5Sol.pdf

Lab 6: 2-way ANOVA (Oct. 2/3): Read before lab: Lab6Preview.pdf     Lab6.pdf
(For those interested in syntax: Lab6Syntax.pdf)
Download to desktop: ginkgoL6.sav   Lab6Sol.pdf

Lab 7: Power (Oct. 23/24): Read before lab: Lab7Preview.pdf
Link to download to your desktop: piface.jar from Lenth's Power Applet webpage
Lab7.pdf   Lab7Sol.pdf

Lab 8: Contrasts (Oct. 30/31): Read before lab: Lab8Preview.pdf
Lab8.pdf   wafer08.sav   ginkgo.sav   algebra2.xls   Lab8Sol.pdf

Lab 9: Within Subject-Designs (Nov. 6/7): Read before lab: Lab9Preview.pdf
Lab9.pdf   quervain.txt   energy2.sav   Lab9Sol.pdf

Lab 10: Categorical Outcomes (Nov. 13/14): Read before lab: Lab10Preview.pdf
Lab10.pdf   fiber.sav   donner.sav   oring.sav   Lab10Sol.pdf

Lab 11: Hierarchical Linear Models (Nov. 20/21): Read before lab: Lab11Preview.pdf
Lab11.pdf   learnMM.sav   HiSclBeyond.sav   Lab11Sol.pdf

Lab FR: Final Review (Dec. 4/5): FinalReviewQuestions2014.pdf

Homework: All homework is due by 3:00 PM Wednesdays to BH132L (or in class Tuesday)

HW1: HW1.pdf   HW1Wilson.sav   HW1Sol.pdf
HW2: HW2.pdf   Kuhn.sav   HW2Sol.pdf
HW3: HW3.pdf   Flynn, et al. Article for Problem 1   Zimmer-Gembeck, et al. Article for Problem 2   HW3Sol.pdf
HW4: HW4.pdf   HW4DMS.csv   HW4Question2.sav   HW4Sol.pdf
HW5: HW5.pdf   HW5Q1.sav   HW5Q2.sav   HW5Sol.pdf
HW6: HW6.pdf   haptic.sav   recognition.sav   HW6Sol.pdf
HW7: HW7.pdf   (SPSS not needed; no data files needed)   HW7Sol.pdf
HW8: HW8.pdf (Due 11/5)  nematode.sav   nematode2.sav   HW8Sol.pdf
HW9: HW9.pdf (Due 11/12)  gluMem.sav   agoraphobia.sav   HW9Sol.pdf
HW10: HW10.pdf (Due 11/19)  gendExp.sav   resume.sav   HW10Sol.pdf
36-309 HW11: HW11-309.pdf (Due 11/26)  HW11-309Sol.pdf
36-7499 HW11: HW11-749.pdf (Due 11/26)  seizures.sav   HW11-749Sol.pdf


Some Advice
Math Review Sheet
SPSS links
Cluster Information
Virtual Andrew


2104 Exams

Detail solutions to "catch up" if you did poorly: Midterm2014Catchup.pdf
Midterm2014UG.pdf   MT2014UGRP.pdf   Midterm2014UGSol.pdf
Midterm2014Grad.pdf   MT2014GradRP.pdf   Midterm2014GradSol.pdf

Old Exams

Final2013S309.pdf   Final2013RP309.pdf Final2013S309Sol.pdf  
Final2012S309.pdf   Final2012RP309.pdf Final2012S309Sol.pdf  
Final2010S309.pdf   Final2010RP309.pdf   Final2010Sol309.pdf
MidTerm2013.pdf   MT2013RP.pdf   MidTerm2013SolUG.pdf
MidTerm2012.pdf   MT2012RP.pdf   MidTerm2012Sol.pdf
Mini Self-Exam.pdf
Midterm2010.pdf   Result Pack   Solutions