36-309/749 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences

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Course Information

Syllabus: (pdf file)

Meeting Times:

Lectures: 12:00-1:20 DH2315 (Tuesdays only) 
  [Section A]: Thursdays, 12:00-1:20, Baker 140C and F, Computer Labs
  [Section B]: Thursdays, 1:30-2:50, Baker 140F, Computer Lab
  [Section C]: Fridays, 12:00-1:20, Baker 140C and F, Computer Labs
  [Section D]: Fridays, 1:30-2:50, Baker 140F, Computer Lab
Office Hours: Howard: M 3-4, T 4-5, W 8:30-9:30AM and by appointment in BH232H
              TAs: M 4-5 in BH117 (Maria) and T 5-6 in BH117 (Philipp)
Midterm Exam: Tuesday 10/15 12:00-1:30 (36-309 in DH2315, 36-749 TBA)
No calculator, one sheet of notes (two sides) allowed. Consider putting this on your sheet: Formula sheet

Final Exam: 8:30-11:30 Monday, December 9 in Mellon Institute Auditorium
No calculator allowed. Bring one sheet of notes (two sides allowed).

Staff Information

Professor: Howard Seltman  
TAs: TBA 36-749 TA: TBA

Lecture Notes

Intro (August 27): Lec1.pdf     Reading: chapter 1 (brief course overview), chapters 2 and 4 (review), and chapter 5 (new material on SPSS)
Statistical Theory (September 3): Lec2.pdf    Reading: chapter 6 (t-test) and chapter 7 (ANOVA)
Design Principles (September 10): Lec3.pdf    Reading: chapter 8 (Threats)
Simple Regression (September 17): Lec4.pdf    Reading: chapter 9 (Regression)
Multiple Regression and ANCOVA (September 24): Lec5.pdf    Reading: chapter 10 (ANCOVA)
Two-way ANOVA (October 1): Lec6.pdf    Reading: chapter 11 (Two-way ANOVA)
Midterm Review (October 8): LecMR.pdf
Power (October 22): Lec7.pdf    Reading: chapter 12 (Power)
Contrasts and Multiple Testing (October 29): Lec8.pdf    Reading: chapter 13 (Contrasts and Custom Hypothesis Testing)
Repeated Measures I (November 5): Lec9.pdf    Reading: chapter 14 (Repeated Measures)
Categorical Outcomes (November 12): Lec10.pdf    Reading: chapter 16 (Categorical Outcomes)
Mixed Models (November 19): Lec11.pdf    Reading: chapter 15 (Mixed Models)
Final Review (December 3): LecFR.pdf


The text book is on-line at http://www.stat.cmu.edu/~hseltman/309/Book/

An alternate textbook choice is Doing Statistics with SPSS by Kerr, Hall and Kozub (Sage Publications, 2002, ISBN 0 7619 7385 0). If you use this book, be sure to print out the Errata.


Lab 1: SPSS and EDA (Aug. 29/30): Lab1.pdf     Download to desktop: Lab1Remainder.sav   Lab1Sol.pdf
Lab2: p-values, t-test and ANOVA (Sep. 5/6): Pre-read: Lab2Preview.pdf     Lab2.pdf     Download to desktop: rathandling.dat   program.sav     Task 3 Data     Lab2Sol.pdf
Lab3: Design Principles (Sep. 12/13): Pre-read: Lab3Preview.pdf     Lab3.pdf     Download to desktop: assume.sav   ScareMemory.sav     Lab3Sol.pdf
Lab4: Design Principles (Sep. 19/20): Pre-read: Lab4Preview.pdf     Lab4.pdf     Download to desktop: string.sav   marigold.dat     Lab4Sol.pdf
Lab5: Multiple Regression and ANCOVA (Sep. 26/27): Pre-read: Lab5Preview.pdf     Lab5.pdf     Download to desktop: FearAnger.sav   algebra.sav     Lab5Sol.pdf
Lab6: Two-way ANOVA (Oct. 3/4): Pre-read: Lab6Preview.pdf     Lab6.pdf     Download to desktop: ginkgoL6.sav   Lab6Sol.pdf
Lab7: Power (Oct. 24/25): Pre-read: Lab7Preview.pdf     Lab7.pdf     Link to Power Applet   Lab7Sol.pdf
Lab8: Two-way ANOVA (Oct. 31 / Nov. 1): Pre-read: Lab8Preview.pdf     Lab8.pdf     Download to desktop: wafer08.sav   ginkgo.sav algebra2.xls Lab8Sol.pdf
Lab9: Repeated Measured I (Nov. 7+8): Pre-read: Lab9Preview.pdf     Lab9.pdf     quervain.txt     energy2.sav     Lab9Sol.pdf
Lab10: Categorical Outcomes (Nov. 14+15): Pre-read: Lab10Preview.pdf     Lab10.pdf     fiber.sav     donner.sav     oring.sav     Lab10Sol.pdf
Lab11: Mixed Models (Nov. 21+22): Pre-read: Lab11Preview.pdf     Lab11.pdf     learnMM.sav     HiSclBeyond.sav     Lab11Sol.pdf

Homework: All homework is due by 3:00 PM Wednesdays to BH132L (or in class Tuesday)

HW1: HW1.pdf   HW1Sol.pdf
HW2: Due Wed. 9/11 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW2.pdf   HW2Sol.pdf
HW3: Due Wed. 9/18 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW3.pdf   HW3Sol.pdf
HW4: Due Wed. 9/25 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW4.pdf   HW4Sol.pdf
HW5: Due Wed. 10/2 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW5.pdf   HW5Sol.pdf
HW6: Due Wed. 10/9 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW6.pdf   HW6Sol.pdf
HW7: Due Wed. 10/30 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW7.pdf   HW7Sol.pdf
HW8: Due Wed. 11/6 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW8.pdf   HW8Sol.pdf
HW9: Due Wed. 11/13 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW9.pdf   HW9Sol.pdf
HW10: Due Wed. 11/20 at 3:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW10.pdf   HW10Sol.pdf
HW11: Due Tue. 11/26 at 5:00 to BH132L (sorted by 309 vs. 749 and last name): HW11-309.pdf   HW11-749.pdf   HW11Sol.pdf


Some Advice
Math Review Sheet
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